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EMBARRASSING: Actors Guild Warns Tonto Dike: “Mind Your Public Utterances or Face Sanction”

The Board of Trustee (BoT) of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has asked Nollywood actress, Tontoh Dikeh, to cease displaying manners that could put the body in disrepute in the public eye or incur its wrath.

Tonto, it is noted, had lately brought to the front burner issues surrounding her failed marriage to Ifeanyi Dike, AGN Board of Trustees chairman Tonto Dikeh; warned against dragging Nigerian actors image in the mud

Mr. Olakunle Churchill, denigrating her husband's image in the process.

Speaking to the media, Prince Ifeanyi Dike, chairman, AGN Board of Trustees, handed the warning, stressing that the body would no longer tolerate the actress' public utterances even though it is about her personal affair.

"Tonto Dikeh is exhibiting bad behaviour that we will no longer be condoned by AGN. What she should realize is that every marriage has its peculiar issue. No one marriage is perfect. Issues like that are private. It is very unbecoming of her to portray us (AGN) in bad light. There are so many actors who have issues with their marriages yet they don't come to the public to cry over it. Her actions does not speak well of the industry. We are not interested in her private matters; rather we are concerned about her attitude which is rubbing off negatively on other actresses," Dike asserts. 

The BOT chairman added that actions like Tonto's could portray the industry as parading wayward ladies, noting that that is one of the reasons men are scared of marrying actresses.

"Thank God we have good examples in the industry. If Tonto is looking for sensation, she should look for something positive to talk about. Honestly the Board of Trustee is not happy with her and if she continues the way she has been doing, we will sanction her. We do not encourage bad behavior," Dike stresses. 

-Biodun Fariogun

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