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NEMESIS: Between Tonto Dikeh, Linda Ikeji And Mercy Johnson: What Goes Around, Comes Around – Chiedu Ikechukwu

In 2012, when Mercy Johnson had her first child, Purity, a job actually came knocking at her door on return.

As a professional that she is, she chose not to let her manager and fans down, hence she shunned omugwo and went ahead for the shoot.

Then came madam critic, TONTO DIKE.
Tonto disparaged Mercy's struggles and talked down on her hustle.

She concluded her rant with a boast, that she would rather remain single than be married to a man who is not rich enough to take care of her after childbirth… A man that would allow her go on set while still nursing a newborn…

That was the height of Tonto's insensitivity to the realities of life…

Linda Ikeji helped rebroadcast that unbridled rant from a weed ravaged cosmetic albino of a girl…

Little did we know that Tonto was actually speaking under the influence of Churchill's amu… The same she now call "40 seconds dick."

Fast forward to 2019… Both Tonto Dike and Linda Ikeji have all gone into one or two relationships and come out empty, while Mercy Johnson is still hanging on, and getting better with her husband everyday.

Both Tonto Dike and Linda Ikeji did not last up to a quarter of Mercy's marriage term so far, but have all come out to give long sermons against their baby fathers, whom they now call EX, while Mercy is still hanging on, and enjoying her family with 3 lovely kids.

As the case may be, neither me nor you have heard Mercy say anything awful against her husband or marriage… But her critic and media vendor have all gone, saw, ran out and are crying wolf…

Whatever lesson you could make out of this situation… Make it

Please don't jump into any relationship or marriage because of only money…The rich might one day become poor and the poor might one day become rich…Life is a mystery

Don't be a Tonto… Be a Mercy!
Respect people's struggles and allow them live their lives the way they can afford it…

#Happiness and understanding is the key because last last the money will come…

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