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CRIME!!! Shocker as Nigeria leads the world in WEE smoking – Report

Nigerians smoke the most weed on earth as they spend over $15billion annually

Nigeria has shockingly been ranked as the world leader in terms of the number of persons who consume marijuana otherwise known as wee in the world according to a report released by cannabis analytics firm New Frontier Data.

The West African nation currently has an estimated 20.8 million pot consumers lighting up annually, with more than $15 billion spent on weed every year.

19.4% of its population aged 15+ having consumed it in the past year.

That statistic offers extra significance given the illegal status of the plant across most of Africa.

Globally, the highest reported rates of use are typically associated with progressive cannabis laws.

Canada (with a nationwide market) and the United States (through various state markets) both have active adult-use cannabis markets, characterized by strong public awareness and widespread support for legalization.

Accordingly, Canada and the United States respectively have the world's second- and third-highest usage rates of cannabis.

"Three of the world's top 10 cannabis-consuming nations are in Africa, highlighting both the importance of cannabis reform and related business opportunities throughout the region," Giadha Aguirre de Carcer, CEO and Founder of New Frontier Data is quoted to have said.

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