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Amb Hussaini COOMASSIE consoles IGP over the death of OC OPERATIONS FCT Command.

I felt heartbroken hearing the death of DCP Umar Usman,  who was killed by El Zak Zaky's Shi'te violent oriented protest, which occurred at the centre of Abuja yesterday, July 22nd 2019. Umar who was Ambassador coomassie's personal friend was killed while discharging his lawful duty. Amb coomassie urged the IGP & other security chiefs to crack down on shi'te with iron fist before it 
metamorphosis into another boko haram, which nigeria is battling seriously with, over a decade now. 

The Ambassador who is the  Chief Executive of Association for Good Governance Network & Deputy National Coordinator,  Buhari Campaign Organization, was at the residence of the deceased late yesterday, he pleaded with president Buhari led Federal Govt to ban Shi'te movement in Nigeria, as they are gradually graduating into a terror group, Shi'te activities is the same as IPOD and the rest, I can't see why the Govt delayed so long in proscribing such a deadly group disguising under the umbrella of Islam. 

Even Iran, 🇮🇷 the HEADQUARTERS of shi'te worldwide, distanced themselves from El Zak Zaky led Shi'te in Nigeria, so why are we still romancing them knowing fully well they don't recognize the constitution of Nigeria & the rights of other citizens? 
Coomassie added.

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