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HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Millionaire Coin Beat Entertainment Chairman, Bobby Max Ubani Marks Birthday Today (Photos)

The philanthropic pathfinder, millionaire  business mogul and Chairman of Coin Beat Entertainment, Amb Bobby Max Chinagorom has gracefully added another year to his glorious opportunity of improving the value  of human existence.

Through times, Amb. Bobby Max has represented the true definition of success. With an organized network of several investments within and outside Nigeria, the young millionaire referenced his success to the grace and mercy of God almighty. 
He made these remarks this morning while reacting to birthday wishes from friends and well wishes " I truly appreciate these overwhelming goodwill messages, am humbled and ‎I pray for more life ahead"
In truth, great impact to human development and capacity building has placed Bobby Max in a distinguished class of honour, which is evident as he clocks plus-one today. 

Friends and well wishers have garnered, both as families, colleagues, associations and organizations to celebrate the chairman of Coin Beat Entertainment 

"He is indeed an Icon of hope, a perfection definition of innovativeness and a figure head in the entertainment  industry", was the testimony and perceptions of some families and friends who shared their sincere wishes to him.

However, as a pacesetter, Bobby Max Ubani will continue to enjoy more and greater wisdom from God, so as to continually make significant impact in the lives of people, associations, unions and establishments, says some friends and well wishers.