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MUST -ATTEND: Top Rated DJ Barbie Hosts Lagos To Her Light-out Party Tonight

The most anticipated "Lights Out Party", hosted by popular Nigeria DJ and entertainer, "DJ Barbie", will be held today, the 28th of July in the commercial city of Lagos at The Executive Spot, No. 37, Clover Road, Clover Court, Ikoyi Lagos. 

The show which is organised by legendary showbiz sponsor, "Barbeque" has confirmed a list of Nigerians finest musical arts who will be making life appearance and performance at the "Lights Out Party with DJ Barbie", some the performing Artists are Mr. Real, Ruffcoin and a host of other top Nigeria singers, DJs' and celebrities.

The pretty Imo State born model and Disc Jocker has remained one of the most outstanding DJ's with remarkable track records and award winning performances. She is jointly promoted by Nigeria's leading PR firm, Amity Global Network and has been undaunted in her creativity and innovative work in sound development and mastering.

Her rising profile has kept her on the verge of being up and up with her commitments and dedication to her skill. According to DJ Barbie, in an exclusive discussion with Alexreports, she described her preparedness for today's event as one which will deliver her fame and standard into a new realm of recognition and significance.

Lagosians have made several expressions via social media platforms of their willingness and interests to be at the Lights-Out Party with DJ Barbie which will commence today at 8:00pm.

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