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SHOCKING BREAKUP!!! Popular Nigeria Social Group, OMC Clan Crashes As Leader (0.1) Abdicates Throne

Popular Nigeria Social group, OMC Clan may have crashed suddenly, as the national Leader abdicates his seat and position as the leader of the group over some basic issues that have choked the rationality of activities and operations of OMC Clan. He made the announcement via an official release on the group chat of OMC Clan, few days after he celebrated his birthday in Abuja.

In a post from the National Leader, he noted that Clan-restructuring is key to any unaguable achievement for the 
OMC clan. He stressed on his uncomfortability to the recent developments of irresponsibility displayed both my members and friends of the clan.

He expressed unfeeling at the isolation of members from tasks and responsibilities that should be approached collectively, but instead ends up to be an individual battle. The national chairman had however announced that he was stepping aside momentarily as the 0.1 of the OMC, stating that or would allow him reflect on a positive and best ways to move the clan forward.

According to indoor sources, insinuations have it that the fall of OMC clan may have started after one of their members resorted to insults and abuses of other members who shared condolence with him during the brief illness of his mum, which eventually led to her death. Our sources reported that the member was agrieved over the alledged silence and inactions of some of the members during times when he needed their help the most, especially as regards the required blood donation for his mother even though his request for support was done through message instead calls as expressed by the members in a case of those not usually disposed to reading group interactions. 

Since then all efforts to put the clan together by several members has been proved abortive until the abdication of seat by the national leader few days ago. The national leader has thanked all members for their support and believe in hiq1s leadership over the period, in his words, he says, "I immensely thank you all for your support and consistent believe in my leadership over the period, which is essentially why I need to step aside for a possible restructuring of the OMC. I love you all & look forward to a more productive and happier days for us. Bless Up, I humbly delete myself. Permit me".

Active Clan-Members of OMC, in the likes of Mr Victor, Amb. Anderson and Amb. Daniels who also lost his mum few days ago made valuable efforts to ensure the Clan remains unified and bonded in love,  may not have achieved much as the proud OMC Clan have collapsed, regardless. Some other persons in the clan like MC Bob made relevant suggestions on a change of name for the group, as well as a required emergency meeting for a prompt resolution of the developing collapse as suggested by Amb.Daniel. The last straw that eventually killed the camel was the sustained loggerheads and flexing of intellectual muscles between Amb. Kingsley Amafibe and Mr Destiny over the former silence at the general attack and disrespectful comments of the member who lost his mother, who is assumed to be the close friend of Amafibe.

Notably, OMC Clan is one of the most influential and reputable social clubs in Nigeria, with members that cuts across all sheres and structures of livelihood. It is unfortunate that the Clan has now been confronted with challenges emanating from individual differences and other social-care issues.

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