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5 Ways to Become Famous In Nigeria

Everybody wants to be famous, noted, celebrated, renowned or well-known. Daily, we come across news about people becoming popular.

Being popular these days is very simple. There are certain things you could do or certain ways you could do things to become famous.

Nevertheless, this article will deal solely with positive things that brings fame. Behaviors frowned upon by society will not be mentioned or encouraged as what could make you famous

1. Develop a talent
A talent is a natural ability or skill. Can you do something creative with ease? You should develop it, do it more, and also earn recognition for it. As long as it is something that adds value to human living, work on it and pretty soon you will become known and famous for it.
It could be dancing, singing, basketball, football, body contortion, magic, writing, poetry, craft work, anything.

2. Become a social media influencer or a thought leader
In Nigeria With the widespread of addiction to social media, you can become a thought leader and create influence or content. All you need is a social media account, a good profile photo, and a daily dose of content that inspires your followers to be the best they can be or something entertaining.
You can give out do-it-yourself tips, fashion tips, culinary tips. You can even devote your page to analyzing local and international events and news.

Equally, spice these up with elegant personal pictures of you, with good background. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most used social media apps in Nigeria.

3. Go for a reality show
Nigerians by nature are fun loving people. We love entertainment and can go to any length to watch and support entertaining events. A reality show is another good way of getting known and becoming famous in Nigeria.
In Nigeria, there are many reality shows you can audition for and attend to boost your fame and popularity, from Gulder Ultimate Search, Big Brother Nigeria, Maltina dance hall, project fame, etc.

4. Get involved in charity
In Nigeria, you can become famous and popular by helping the needy or by adding value to the lives of others. In other words, generosity can be rewarded with fame of popularity.
Even when you do not have the funds necessary to engage in philanthropy, you can be a middle man, linking donors to needy beneficiaries. You can also volunteer your to help others like the elderly and little children.

5. Hang around celebrities and become visible.
Which celebrities do you admire? How much of influence do you have? What will your association with such celebrities do for you?

You can meet them at events, eateries, etc. be sure to take selfies or photographs with such celebrities and post them on your social media feeds.

Sell your brand on social media. Announce your achievement. Post pictures and videos off your creativity online, make podcasts, travel to places. Meet people (celebrities) and tell the world about it.

Finally, if your dream is to become famous in Nigeria just stick to anybody these options and you’re good to go.