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Nigerian Germany Based Blogger Stelladimokokorkus Marks Birthday

Today marks the birthday of Nigerian-Germany based reknowned blogger, Stelladimokokorkus, an outstanding media practitioner, one of the most influencial bloggers across world and credited with being a fearless reporter, who has remained undaunted in her unfeigned reports for readers across the world.

As an award winning social media reporter, Stelladimokokokus' platform has attracted loads of high-rated endorsements from international brands, which has continued to improve her networks and readership across impressive coverage. With her timely breaks of news stories and gossip reports, Stelladimokokokus has maintained a lead role in information dissemination in Africa and the world in entirety.

Despite her genius and groundbreaking track records in the media industry, the media luminary is able to manage a happy marriage with lovely and beautiful kids. She has received wishes, prayers, goodwill messages from friends, family member and colleagues to mark this significant day of her life.

In a reaction to the gestures and expressions she recieved, she has thanked everyone for the gifts, messages and prayers. She also expressed gratification to God for his grace and love upon her, stressing that He alone, she owes all appreciations. In her post this morning, she writes, "i am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to wish myself another new year, my story is indeed beautiful; it was a situation of from the pit to the palace and from grass to grace.

Stelladimorkokokus is reknowned brand that plays pragmatic roles in setting agendas through her influencial capacity, media coverage and information distribution ability. She is one of the biggest online news/social media gurus in Africa and world in entirety. She is a writer, a publisher, a publicist and an information monger. In blogging, she has defined a delighful niche for her brand, which has kept her on a relentless pace through the path of success.