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10 Tips To Help You Identify And Avoid Job Scams

One of the most agonizing things that could happen to an unemployed fellow is for him/her to fall victim of unscrupulous recruitment. Apart from the emotional trauma attached to this, there is also the financial extortion associated with it. Some people will travel across states to attend scam job interviews.

The following are some of the tips you could use to identify fake jobs:

1. Referral system: Some of these scam jobs have referral codes. These codes are the unique code of the marketer that posted the job.

2. Contact: Legitimate jobs usually carry corporate emails or other means of contacting the firm. However, individual phone numbers or emails are usually provided in the case of scam jobs.

3. Reluctance to disclose information: Job scammers are always reluctant to disclose their company's identity and what they stand for. They will likely tell you that the information you seek will be provided when you come for assessment.

4. Unfamiliar jargons: Another way of knowing job scammers are the terms they use. Some of the jargons they use include, "career chat", "job briefing"

5. Research the firm: To save yourself the agony of scam jobs, try to research the eligibility of the company. You could google the firm or ask people on online forums. This has been helpful for many people.

6. Locations: This is not a foolproof way of identifying scam firms, however, it's a pointer for further information. Certain locations are known to accommodate higher number of job scammers than others.

7. Excessive motivation: If peradventure you find yourself in the company of such fellow, one of their identifying features is excessive motivation. They will talk about how to make millions and ballooned vocational benefits. They could even show you pay slips. They will make you see how useless you are by not making millions and how useful you could be by been part of their team. They are heavy fan of Brian Tracy's quadrants i.e employees, self employed, business owners and investors. They are skilled in the art of using motivational rhymes.

8. The snake bite: Are you familiar with the biblical Moses serpent that saves lives? Well, this one takes them. Their serpentine nature will be revealed after a day or two of the sham. They will introduce you to a different platform from what you applied for. They will ask you to make some payments which will qualify you for some unscrupulous positions and benefits.

9. Pay for Training: With this scam, a job seeker is told there's an opening in a client's company or something close to that, but before he/she can be given the job, he/she must attend a paid training.

10. Upfront Payment: Beware, any job that requires you to make an upfront payment before you'll be offered a job is a scam, run! No legitimate employer will ask you to pay money before giving you a job.

Closing remarks

Job scammers are evolving every day. They are developing strategies to stay relevant. Some of them belong to both national and international certified organizations and have fully registered companies just to make them look real to gullible job seekers. You must always try to decipher what they are not saying to avoid the agony associated with it.

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