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PDP Accuse Buhari Of Not Focusing On The Survival Of Democracy In Nigeria.

The Peoples Democratic Party has said President Muhammadu Buhari is “more interested in the continuation of the ruling All Progressives Congress in office, than he is in the survival of democracy in the country.”

The opposition begged the President to tackle the problems of violence, killings and alleged tampering with the election results by the APC under his watch.

The party then urged Buhari to end every attempt to “bring the unconstitutional third term, which he cannot get, to public discourse.”

On Twitter, PDP shared this, “The party counsels President Muhammadu Buhari to note that the issue of third term is a dead end. Touting a respect for the Constitution as a way of bringing the issue to public discussion cannot give it a life.”

It warned that if Buhari “seeks to uphold the Constitution, he should have used the APC NEC meeting to directly and strongly condemn his party’s resort to violence, killing, forceful invasion of polling units and alteration of results to seize power in the November 16th Kogi and Bayelsa states governorship election, as well as the Kogi West Senatorial election.”

The party is of the opinion that, by now, the President ought to have summoned his service chiefs and ordered a presidential investigation into the violence and observed infractions in the elections, “including the deployment of a Police helicopter to teargas voters.”

“It is also unfortunate that instead of taking concrete and decisive steps to bring the perpetrators of the heinous crimes in Kogi and Bayelsa to book and give assurances of electoral reforms, Mr. President is rather seeking to make a discourse of an unattainable third term.

“Our party notes that from President Buhari’s speech, it is clear that he is more interested in the survival of the murderous APC than the survival of democracy, which his party is doing all to truncate since the impunity that was introduced by the APC to manipulate greater part of the 2019 Presidential elections.”