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#SayNoToMalariaInAfrica: Prince Ned Nwoko Gets Warm Reception From Anioma People In South Africa

Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko arrived South Africa yesterday ahead of his Antarctica Expedition for the Malaria Eradication Project in Africa. He was received by the Anioma People in Cape Town, South Africa, who welcomed their Prince in a very warm and delightful reception.

He arrived Cape town with Team members of Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation and volunteers of the Malaria Eradication Project in Africa. Hon. Prince Ned was delighted at the reception and promised to be more supportive and committed to the development of the Anioma community, where he hails from.

He reiterated that the Malaria Eradication Project was a priority and that his undaunted commitments and supports will not be slackened. Hon. Ned Nwoko will be leaving south Africa for the Antarctica expedition with other European scientist in the Antarctica.

The trip is majored on gathering extensive efforts, ideas, scientific propositions and other relevant idea required to stem the eradication of malaria in the Africa continent. The Anioma people applauded his concerns for improving and advancing the health conditions of Nigerians and African's in entirety.

They also assured their Prince, that they would identify ways through which they can be useful in driving the vision of a malaria free nation and continent.