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SHOCKING: Expired Products Discovered In Abuja Supermarkets as DG FCCPC Irukera, Carries Out Unscheduled ( Photos)

Director General Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), Barrister Babatunde Irukera, Carried Out Unscheduled Spot Check On A Concealed Food Store Within Panda Supermarket, Jabi, Abuja Today.

Discoveries so far include products with 2009, 2007, 2018, 2019 expiry dates, etc.
Reacting to this development, a concern Nigerian who don’t wants his name mention angrily Makes a strong recommendation to the agency
“This are foreign products in a foreign supermarket..  This is what this foreigners are doing to us cause they believed we have a system that doesn’t check mate all these things.I guess if this one bribe its way back to business. This business and its owner should be deported”
Ibrahim Daudu while reacting to this development said “This is the favourite store for many Asian (Chinese) expatriates in Abuja. Glad someone is looking into what goes on there. Other places too should be visited. Kudos to the by the agency. “

The constant influx and proliferation of fake and substandard foods, drug and cosmetics in the Nigerian market has generated anxiety among Nigerians, especially those who has lesser voices in the society, More disturbing is the unhindered access to all manner of drugs, including controlled ones.
“While those behind the clandestine businesses are smiling to the bank, their actions have sent many to their graves or caused health complications, including physical disabilities.”

“These expired product and substandard products, particularly drugs, have been considered a global threat to human lives, leading to treatment failure, worsening of chronic disease conditions and a host of other complications”.
Findings reveal that Africa records at least 100,000 deaths from expired and fake drug-related ailments yearly, as counterfeit drugs account for about 20 per cent of generic drugs in supply in Nigeria.
With the efforts of FCCPC and the leadership quality of Barrister Babatunde Irukera and his team, the agency under Babatunde Irukera unarguably up to something unique with needed necessary synergy from other sisters agency and parastatals, Nigeria May have a lasting solution to the menace of expired products on various market shelves in various supermarket in Nigeria.

FCCPC have being making repeated calls to members of the public to endeavour to give information to the security and monitoring agencies on what is happening in their vicinities, in their own interest.