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KNOW THE TRUTH!! Viral video of a 60-years-old lawyer & knight who died of sex-overdose enhancement drugs

 The deceased, named: sir (Barr,) Eric Igbedion Agboegbulem _ the man who allegedly died as a result of over dose sex enhancement drugs in a hotel with the little girl sex worker. This man was an attorney who should have known better? 

A 60 year-old man but he opted for a small girl-prostitute who serves food on the road side over his wife who I heard works at CBN. Sometimes I am lost for words and this is one of those times. 

Sex!!! His obituary is up. They are "praying" for "eternal peace" for him. Hmmm.. he's an Honourable man 😱! It's a pity he existed this way….. 

SpyNigeria gathered that he was actually 60-Years Old. The incident actually happened in December 2019, and the Video was just leaked by some of the detectives 🕵️‍♂️ in a bid to pressure the family & authorities to leave the innocent girl, as they have been threatening to jail her for murder, as a cover to the mans actual cause of death 

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