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Cabs taking three people now in Abuja

Amidst all the drama and near panic about COVID-19, I am glad that the FCT Administration finally got one thing right. The cabs that usually carry two people in front and four at the back have stopped doing that. Even though the cab fare has increased to compensate for less number of passengers, the cabs now take one person in front and three people at the back. I am really glad that the cabs at Jabi are now making an attempt to practice safe distancing. A friend of mine told me that cabs in Anambra take just two people at the back. This is such a relief. I am glad that the government is taking this virus seriously and that they are doing something to turn things around. It would be really nice if this could continue even after the eradication of the Coronavirus.

It would also reduce infection rates in Nigeria generally. Kudos to the FCT Minister. Beatrice Aboh, Abuja Jail time for people who don’t want to self-isolate The Coronavirus has spread really fast. It is bad enough the government just closed the borders. Some people who flew into Nigeria from some of the affected countries refused to be tested and also self-isolate for the recommended days. I think this is sheer wickedness. Only a wicked person would refuse to be tested for this virus that can be asymptomatic.

One could have the virus and not know because they are not exhibiting the symptoms. It is more dangerous to be asymptomatic. If they didn’t want to be tested, they should have stayed in the country they flew in from. These uncaring people should be arrested and jailed. They should be punished one way or the other because this is simply intent to cause harm. One could be cured of the virus if one detects it early, gets treated and self-isolates. There is nothing to be scared of. The key to beating this virus is early detection and eating right to boost your immune system.