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Coronavirus: How Abuja residents are coping with partial lockdown

Some Abuja residents, who have been asked to stay at home, describe how they are coping with the new routine meant to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The FCT Administration had ordered the closure of all schools while federal civil servants on Grade Level 12 and below were asked to work from home until further notice. These were parts of precautionary measures adopted to curtail further spread of coronavirus in Abuja.

Chinenye Chuwuka, 28-year-old resident of Life camp, said coping with Covid-19 lockdown is difficult. “I am not used to staying at home; it is really difficult for me, but if that action will save my life and that of others, then it is worth it. I spend my day majorly by reading books because I enjoy that during my spare time. I also intend to enrol in some online professional courses to keep me busy during this period. As a precautionary measure on my part, I ensure I wash my hands all the time as I use less of cash notes and make more of mobile transactions.”

Ayomide Oluwaseun, 38-year-old resident of Jabi, said this period has enabled him find some time to relax. “I hardly find time to relax all year round because of the nature of my job. I am an Uber driver, always on the move for the next passenger; my work does not have an opening or closing hour so I always work. With the emergence of coronavirus, I decided to sanction myself by staying at home. I spend my time cooking and eating. In the past three months, I had hardly lit my stove to cook, I always eat from a restaurant and that gradually became a habit I do not like. Now, I cook regularly. I also watch movies and play some games to take my mind off fears about the pandemic.”

Aisha Abdurrahman, Nyanya resident and mother of four, says it has been a good time for her family to bond. “I am a working mother; and every working day for me has also been a day for school run. With this stay at home, I have had time to bond more with my children; we cook together, exercise together, I get to have more time to teach them myself, and it feels so good. My last child Sadiq, who is six years old, said ‘Mummy, I am happy I no longer go to school, I love to play at home too’.” Aside from the pandemic issue, Aisha thinks “this is a time the world should realize the emptiness of what we are all chasing and look up to our creator, to serve Him better.” She said she always keeps herself sensitized by messages from the media and ensures her family practices good hygiene. She also prayed for God to have mercy, and heal our world.