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Coronavirus is punishment from God, says Keyamo

Festus Keyamo, minister of state, labour and employment, says God allowed coronavirus to afflict humans so they can retrace their steps back to Him.

There are about 400,000 cases of COVID-19 around the world — with more than 16,000 deaths. As of Wednesday, Nigeria has recorded 51 cases.
In a tweet on Thursday, the minister said Nigerians should ask for forgiveness and also follow the directives of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).
“God has allowed COVID-19 to afflict the human race only to redirect our steps back to Him,” he tweeted.
“We have so distorted God’s Word to suit our own human weaknesses and satisfy our greed, even in supposed Holy Places. We should collectively ask for forgiveness & it will all end in praise.
“Aside the spiritual angle to this scourge, we must all work and pray; God can only help those who help themselves. Those our recalcitrant Pastors must realise this. All the directives of
@NCDCgov must be followed to the letter by all and sundry before it can quickly end in praise.”
Some Twitter users who responded to the minister’s tweet said beyond seeking God’s forgiveness, the government must also do the needful.
“Not only asking for forgiveness, but also doing the needful. Pay workers (ASUU and others) their entitlements, provide basic amenities, build infrastructures and protect our territories just like the way Americans do,” Amid Adetayo tweeted.
Oreofeka wrote: “Did China ask for forgiveness before tackling the issue. You guys should get to work and make Nigeria better. Enough of bringing God to your ineptitude governance.”
Disagreeing with the minister, Oluwagbenga Ajogbonlo, said: “What y’all distorted is our patrimony, our commonwealth, our funds and our sense of belonging. What you and your brothers in Abuja need is to go back to the people and seek for forgiveness.What we need now is a functional healthcare not some bible references.”
For Ewulu Epurepu, he wants to know when the senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) became a pastor.
“When did you turn to a pastor?” he tweeted.