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2014 FIFA World Cup Bribery Allegation: Obasi, give us evidence or shut up - Abuja Journalist (Video)

Abuja based Journalist Udeme George has challenged former Super Eagles forward Chinedu Obasi Ogbuke to back his  2014 FIFA World Cup 'Bribery Allegation' with evidences.

The ex-Lyn Oslo, Hoffeinham, Schalke 04, Bolton Wanderers and Shenzhen and Elfsborg star alleged that a certain of bribe was asked from before he could make the cut for the 2014 FIFA World Cup when late Stephen Keshi was in charge of the Super Eagles.

A lot of players have alleged that bribes was requested from them before they could make it to the national side in the past week. But Ogbuke is the latest to admit this.

And well respected Udeme has challenged the 2005 FIFA World Cup Silver Medallist to mention names of those who requested for bribe from him.

Video: HERE

"Players will come out to tell you that they were asked to pay money before playing for the Nation," Udeme George began. 

"We have heard so many stories. They don't say it immediately, they don't have evidences. They are not willing to come out to tell the press or public at the right time to tell their stories."

"Obasi is the latest of all of them. How can you wait since 2014 to tell your story? That's by the way actually, it's better late than never. 

"Obasi must be man enough to come out and tell the whole world who asked him for money. We won't make do with stories like, this one asked me to pay money, I didn't want to pay, how can I pay money because I served the country?

"No, we must fish out these guys. We must make the world know that these guys are the reason why our football isn't moving forward because they put money ahead of talent. If you don't have money they push you out, even with your talents. They bring in guys who have money and do not have talents, and we go to the world scene to mess up."

The award winning Udeme George further threw a challenge to Chinedu Obasi Ogbuke: "Obasi, am challenging you to give us names of those who were involved in this scandal asking for money in the next 24 hours."

"We won't just make do with these stories, for now it is an allegation, it is a story. Anyone can come out to tell stories. Until you give us names, we would start taking you serious. You can't keep on rubbing the names of our coaches in the mud. Be man enough to mention the names of those involved in this scandal. It is very simple," he concluded.

It would be recalled that Obasi learnt the ropes with John Obi Mikel and Ezekiel Bala at Lyn Oslo.

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