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ALMAJIRI INVASION!! Igbo Group Raises Alarm, Calls On South East Governors To Set Up Regional Security To Comb Forest

A notable Igbo youth organization and influential mouthpiece of young generation of Igbo activists and social crusaders, IGBO GLOBAL YOUTHS ASSEMBLY has called on the Governors of the seven Igbo speaking states of OHANAEZE NDIGBO to set up a regional security outfit without further delay.

The statement was issued out after the emergency meeting of the leaders of the group in the South East. The Publicity Secretary of the Igbo global Youth Assembly (IGYA), Alex Nwankwo, said the emergency meeting was necessitated by the urgent need to secure the Igbos against possible external attack from perceived Igbo enemies.

Addressing the leaders of the group, the President General of Igbo Global Youths Assembly, Comrade Val Igwebuike Akagha, stated that the meeting was primarily called to enable Igbo youths address the general concern of the people. He lamented on the seeming complacency of the Igbo Governors to tackle the looming mayhem occasioned by the uninterrupted influx of northern militia groups into Igbo speaking states in disguise of Almajiris. 

The IGYA President noted with regrets the questionable disposition of Igbo political leadership class in the current danger confronting their people. According to the group, the fear of the Igbos Living In their home states is particularly heightened by the breathing Silence of the Federal Government, whose orders the mass movement of these dangerous invading militia groups flouted.

The Igbo youth group wondered how these northern elements were able to reach to the Eastern homeland of the Igbos from the North without interception by the law enforcement agents stationed on major interstate borders.

The meeting of this Igbo youths also re-echoed that the Igbo nation has been on siege for more than two years now, and wondered what may become the fate of Igbo race if the Boko Haram TERRORISTS, who had earlier threatened to attack the South East decide to use the security lapses in the pandemic and the security compromise of the political class in the zone to exterminate Ndigbo.

OThe IGBO GLOBAL YOUTHS ASSEMBLY, therefore, called on the Governors of the South East, including other OHANAEZE states to immediately set up a formidable security outfit to protect Ndigbo against a possible total annihilation from the surface of the earth. 
The Assembly also called on the Towns and villages in the South East to ask their youths to comb all their bushes and forests to determine how safe the Igbo nation is at the moment.

IGYA concluded that history will not speak well of any group or individual in Igbo Land, who will assist the enemies to kill the Igbos as a result of the position he or she is holding. They emphatically lamented on the disdainful attitude of Igbo political leadership and Representatives to the plight of the people and the security deficiencies in the South East.

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