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COVID19 LOCKDOWN: Nigerian Philanthropist And US Based Nurse Chinwe Chibuike Reacts On Silverbird TV

Nigerian Philanthropist, US based Nurse and Founder of Chinwe Chibuike Foundation, a non governmental organization envisioned to create awareness on medical issues through encouraging people to take advantage of opportunities to get medical examination and care, Queen Chinwe Chibuike has reacted to the lockdown orders and nature of compliance in the USA, stressing that its effect has become significantly worrisome, with figures of infected persons still on the rise.

Chinwe Chibuike made the reactive concerns, when she made her first appearance as a Guest at the popular Silverbird Television Global Impact Update Program, from United States of America-USA. She reacted to several questions regarding compliance, precautionary steps and encouragements on adherence to the lockdown directives, especially in the US.

While expressing her modest concerns, she stressed on the need for an extension of the lockdown, noting that it has helped to cutdown the numbers of infected cases in several communities across the US. She further encouraged the government of America to consider the safety of lives as priority, instead of focusing so much on saving the economy at the detriment of people's lives.

During the TV program, Chinwe Chibuike made emphatic emphasis on individual seriousness, as she noted that the situation must not be seen as a joke, because lives are lost daily to the novel coronavirus outbreak. She adviced essential workers to be more careful, especially with the recent records of essential workers and frontline health workers who are now being infected by the virus.

While responding on her take on the rising figures, she described the situation as scary and quite a difficult time for the United state of America and its Citizens, as she referenced the daily increasing figures. She stated that there is hope at the long run, but the people and government must work together to achieve success in containing the virus. 

In her concluding words she advised people to stay home, so as to sustain the management of the virus. She noted that over 150new cases were recently recorded in Boston where she lives and health workers were inclusive. She however encouraged frontline worker to be careful, especially as there is now shortage in equipments, such as protective gears to prevent them from contracting the infection when attending to infected persons. She finally advised people to work on the improvements of their immune system, as that was the only way the body system can responsively fight against the virus. She encouraged eating the right things and staying away from alcohol and smoking.

Chinwe Chibuike has continue to use every medium to canvass awarnesss on the Covid19 pandemic and as a health practitioners in the US, she has left no stone unturned to educate and inform the people on ways to curb the Coronavirus outbreak in the US. Her foundation has also been very instrumental in supporting several humanitarian projects and health related initiatives in Nigeria, including her recent partnership with Abia state government. The Chinwe Chibuike Foundation remains one of the leading NGO with with several notable awards. The foundation is promoted by Amity Global Network, one of Africa's 'A List' PR organization. Chinwe Chibuike Foundation was recently profiled in the popular FBI Africa Magazine, which spotlighted several of its global initiatives and projects.

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