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*_DR GODWIN MADUKA : The Next Governor Of Anambra State?

As required by  Nigeria Constitution, states elect new Governors every four years. In a similar vein, Anambra State goes to the polls in 2021 to elect a new Governor.

Already, the political atmosphere is charged with consultations and permutations going on. Political pundits are also betting and predicting a winner and losers. 

As usual so many are jostling for the gubernatorial seat but this time it's a clash of the billionaires. Anambra has always prided herself as the state with the richest, highly educated and urbane individuals. So it's not out of place to have the billionaires putting up strategies to clench the number one position but it will not be business as usual.

 Anambra people are determined more than ever to elect a very credible individual in that coveted position and majority want it done right this time around because the political awareness is heightened and people are tired of 'business as usual'. This is because once Anambra State gets it right other states in the East, the South- South and other parts of Nigeria will begin to get it right where they are reneging politically!

The zoning formula for elective positions was introduced and enshrined some years ago in the state to guarantee equity. Accordingly, it's the turn of Anambra South to produce the next Governor. One would have argued against this political expediency because it can produce an incompetent Leader just as Federal Character principle often produces incompetent officers but nature has made everything perfect in one man who stands above his contemporaries. 

The cynosure of attraction is Dr Godwin Maduka, from Umuchukwu town in Orumba –South, Anambra State. Dr Maduka is a triple Professor and perhaps, one of the most educated Nigerians to be persuaded to vie for an elective position. In Anambra state he stands out as one of the most educated personalities and the good people of Anambra want him to contest. We have also taken an opinion poll across the State and the same name Dr Godwin Maduka continues to reverberate as the most credible candidate.

 He is also from Anambra south and his locality stands to be the most marginalized politically. So everything is working for his good. We are already mobilizing  the good people of Anambra State  to persuade him to officially declare his interest for the number one position in the State.

What Dr Godwin Maduka did in his community which is the first of its kind is an eloquent testimony of what he will do as a Governor. As a philanthropist of superlative degree, Dr Godwin Maduka built more than 100 houses for the less privileged, a police station, a 17 storey medical research institute; it will be the largest in West Africa when fully equipped, a Church for the Roman Catholics and another for the Anglican Communion.

He also built a residence for the priests and  Trinity International Hospital which he handed over to the Catholic church with state of the art equipment including CT scan and over 20 incubators. He also built Secondary Schools, a civic centre, a Magistrate Court, a High Court Complex with residential quarters for Judges in his home town Umuchukwu in Orumba- South, Anambra State.

To help fortify security in his home town Umuchukwu, Dr Godwin Maduka built two storey buildings in four spaces for the Nigeria Police and complemented it with a bungalow as Officers Mess. He also built a structure to serve as operational base for the Men of Anti- Robbery Squad, SARS, which he donated to the Nigeria Police. He built headquarters for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC. 

Dr Maduka has also sponsored hundreds of Students from his Community and beyond to acquire good education. He also secured jobs in blue chip companies for numerous of them. He built a vocational centre for trainee artisans. 
Dr Godwin Maduka is the founder of Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Centre.

He completed his graduate medical training at the Harvard University School of Medicine in Anesthesia, critical care and pain Management in 1997. Prior to his Harvard residency, Dr Maduka completed his internal Medicine internship at the University Of Tennessee School Of Medicine.

Furthermore, Dr Maduka completed a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia in 1988 after completing his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry with first class, from Rust College in Holly Springs, Mississippi in 1984.

Dr Maduka is a "heart beat of America" Award winner and is widely recognized as a premier Physician in the Pain Management field. Dr Maduka also serves as the clinical Faculty Supervisor of Pain Management in Anesthesiology for Touro University Nevada's College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Dr Godwin Maduka has a Diplomate in Royal college of Surgeons,  Diplomate in Minimally invasive spine surgery and medicine  and professor in pain management, anesthesiology and  in department of surgery!!!!

We will continue to mobilize support for this triple Professor and first Class graduate who seems to be the only one among those jostling for the governorship position who has not compromised his integrity financially, politically and otherwise!

Who else among the political gladiators has developed his community or assisted the less privileged like Dr Godwin Maduka?


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