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Nigeria- Africa Agency Unveils Olango Chats, Vista Calls To Lead Media & Communication in Different Languages

A renowned and leading provider of innovative solutions to inefficiencies across multiple sectors of the African economy, the Nzeanweofor Group has launched-out three(3) new subsidiary online applications to resolve the recent challenges with interactions, translations and ease in  online communications as well as electronic mobile interface. The unveiled applications are Olango Chat, Olango Vista and Olango vista calls.

Speaking with the Managing Director, who took ample time to describe the various and distinctive services which each of the newly unveiled applications offer, he noted that Olango Vista was designed to provide ease for prospective users to effectively engage live interactions, using different languages.

He also described the Olango Vista Calls as an innovative platform created as an extension of Olango Vista to allow mobile users make economic and explicit video and and audio call with live translations to enable effective communication regardless of language diversity.  According to the Director, the Olango Chat is another innovative application designed as an online social media platform for ease of communication and effective social networking for subscriber.

The three platforms was created and powered by Nzenweofor Group with a zeal to extend the diversity of its interest in media and communication efficiency for the fast growing population who engage that channel for effectiveness of their to daily and professional activities across international boundaries. It will also aid communication, especially with the recent diversion to digitalisation in almost all sectors. The platform has more Nigerian and African indigenous languages such as Igbo Hausa Yoruba efik urghobo Itsekiri kanuri ijaw,
Malinke ( spoken in Senegal, Bukina faso Mali) etc.

However, with this innovative platforms designed and powered by Nzenweofor Group, the founder, Chief Ndubuisi Nzenweofor is quite confident that the consistency of enterpreneurial products created by his vast investment network will continue to provide timely solutions to potential problem across Nigeria and Africa. Amongst his vast networks of investments includes, Laclic Services Limited, a company with a network of language centres in Lagos and other states of Nigeria, Laclic Travel and Tours, Bantaban, Spirout, Olango and Olango Vista, Nzenweofor creative innovations Limited, Nzenweofor Transport Services, Laclic Broadcasting Network-LBN, which regulates the operations of Laclic TV & Laclic Fm, NZENWEOFOR Property Development Comapany, NZENWEOFOR oil and Gas limited and 
NZENWEOFOR Petrol Station Limited

It may be obvious that the strength and entrepreneurial capacity of Chief Ndibuisi Nzenweofor cannot be overemphasized, as he remains an Enterpreneur with a deep sense of purpose and pride, especially with relative knowledges on the impact of his investments and it's abilities to change Africa and the world in entirety. The Olango Chat, Vista and Vista Call application can be downloaded from the google play store in the coming days.

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