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Snipers Of The Nigerian Army In Pictures

Meet the men that deliver long-range precision fire for the Nigerian army. The Nigerian army has an entire battalion of snipers divided into three classes and are trained across many different types of threat environments.

The first of such classes employ the hit and run tactics. They look for targets of opportunity by tracking enemy movement. Once that opportunity presents itself they take out their targets from long distances, hop on their motorbikes and hightail out of the area FAST!! https:///obyYkgCQ9k

Rifle used by the shoot and scoot sniper unit. 

Stealth. This unit are masters of stealth, they are perfectly suited to sneak behind enemy lines to provide information about the enemy's size and strength. They specializes in shooting targets with modified rifles from incredibly long distances. https:///dGrKX6ZB3j

Armalite AR-10 A-Series SuperSASS https:///y7ZFQBl7gi

Scout snipers.These guys dont wear guilles. They actively hunt down the enemy and provide close reconnaissance to the frontline infantry.They utilize the most powerful and longest range rifles in the army to delivers long range precision fire on targets from concealed positions https:///QKJ735PGQ9

Orsis T-5000 high precision rifle.

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