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TRAGEDY!!! Abuja Based Pageant Organiser Involved In A Near Fatal Auto-Crash (Photos)

The Founder/CEO of Face of Culture Nigeria Africa Pageant, Amb. Roland Owualah, has slightly escaped death, after he came out unscratched In a near fatal auto crash involving his vehicle, along his way to the Karishi Market, located at the suburbs of FCT. The sudden accident occured at mid-day, on the 6th of May, 2020.

According to reports, Passersby were amazed and frightened, when Amb. Roland pulled out without any serious wounds, after his vehicle had plunged and toppled more than three times in the air before it landed disastrously. They reached for him and noticed he was fine and in good health. Speaking with our reporter few minutes later, Amb. Roland narrated his accident, describing his survival as a miracle.
Narrating the situation, he said the only thing he could remember was that he kept on yelling and shouting the name of God, while the vehicle steeped, tumbled and smashed into the ground. He however appreciated God for his mercy, he says, "I appreciate God for his mercy, for according to him is sufficient for all who call on him for safety. The only thing i remembered was calling out the name of God while the Car was Somersaulting and smashing".

Speaking with eye witnesses at the scene of the event, one of the commuters expressed overwhelming surprise, describing the accident as usual and unbelievable. While describing the scene, the eyewitness says, "it so unbelievable that a vehicle that had such impact did not take any life, let alone an injury. The driver must be a very devoted servant of God".  The eye witness further said that they had all thought he was gone, not until they saw him come out by himself, without even a spill of blood.

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