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Update: Graphic designer who called out Ramsey Noah receives her compensation

The graphic designer who called out actor and movie director, Ramsey Noah for using her graphic works in his “Living in Bondage” movie without paying, has shared an update after her post went viral on social media. 
@louisajlo revealed in her update that she never had a direct contact to Ramsey Noah or the movie crew, which was why she used social media to address the issue. She further disclosed that she has been contacted and compensated accordingly. 
She was also appreciative of the kind intervention of actress Kate Henshaw who reached out to Ramsey Noah and made sure something was done.
Read the update graphic designer shared below; 
“UPDATE Twitter, I made that thread not to indict anybody but to sensitize about the issue and I am grateful that everyone was supportive to me. I didn’t have a direct contact to Ramsey or the crew that is why I used social media. You can see I even tagged the wrong handle.
“My noise together with your Retweets got them to know and they have contacted me. They didn’t know but now they do and have acted accordingly. I have been compensated. I am still proud to have worked on the movie and hope for future possibilities.
“Thank you so much to everyone who have helped me with this. Thank you @HenshawKate I really don’t know everyone’s handles but I am utterly grateful.”

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