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How Satan Crumbles A 21st Century Marriage

God created the family concept as the cornerstone of His Church & Kingdom on earth . The children of a “healthy family” stand a much better chance at procreating and producing the next generation of healthy families and healthy productive societies.

Healthy families make disproportiately larger contributions to society. Economic growth, pay more taxes, moral stability, love, joy & peace in the Holy Spirit, the internet is FULL of evidence that children from broken families suffer terribly & generally under achieve.

Satan wants to destroy this corner stone of a healthy society. He sets out to destroy and who are more vulnerable than the youths. He entices us with premarital sex through social media, news, movies, erotic books, articles etc. Our young guys and young girls see it as a status quo, children of 10 years are even experimenting.

Youths want to feel among, within their peers. A guy feels he has arrived and starts chasing anything under skirts, whenever he is able to have his way with a girl, he is applauded. On the other end, especially in SS class A Girl feels she is very hot and can get any guy, she sees sex as an adventure and fun. This becomes worst in higher institutions.

This is how the devil is gradually succeeding. She starts sleeping with different guys in the name of fun, any guy who underperforms is seen as a disgrace and not man enough. This pressure guys into taking all kinds of substance such as Vega(sildenafil), aphrodisiacs and miscellaneous just to last long in bed and give her the best orgasm.

Adverse effects of promiscuity/premarital sex
As a Christian you already know premarital sex is a sin against God. This is the spiritual aspect of it, i do not want to repeat what you must have known before. Here i will like you to see the Physical and Medical Adverse effects of such lifestyle.

Psychological effects
As people keep having premarital sex they see themselves catching fun and getting the pleasure they want. However, they do not understand something in going on within them. In Promiscous individuals, brain chemicals such as PhenyEthylAmine & Oxytocin are depleted after 3 or 4 sexual unions, which make them physically incapable to deeply bond with their future spouse.

Risk of Infection
In their youthful exuberance young people enjoy diving raw but never seems to think about the repercussion. Although you might probably be lucky enough to escape any deadly disease but prevention is better than cure. Don’t destroy your good health with Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, or the dreaded HIV/AIDS.

Abstenance is the best contraception. No matter the contraceptives, the safest sex is marital sex. Contraceptives have the following side effects such as Intermenstrual spotting= Breakthrough vaginal bleeding common between expected periods, Nausea, Breast tenderness, Headaches and migraine, Weight gain, Mood changes, Missed periods etc

Many ladies end up having countless abortion some died, some nearly died while others end with a damaged womb leading to childless marriage.

Unwanted pregnancy
As far as a sex happens and a man ejaculates, pregnancy should be expected. Some guys get girls Pregnant and run away leaving her to be a single mum. Some ladies in the process gets pregnant and in fear of losing their womb after multiple abortions decides to keep the baby, this leads to unwanted pregnancy further leading to unwanted marriage.

Most times they never planned to get married, they end up being frustrated. Most times the guy is yet ready and is not capable of being a father. A pastor was shared a story of how he tried to make his wife to abort their first born child because he was not ready to marry, all the pills his wife took didn't work and she ended up giving birth. He had to marry her.

As a lady gets older, her biological clock kicks resulting in sudden decline of male suitors at this point she is pressured to marry. A Promiscuous lady seeing that her lifestyle has not attracted men with the intention of marrying her will decide to “change her ways” and become “conservative” in the hope of snarring a “nice man”, good provider & good father.

She then LIE about her Sexual Past, because she wants to be loved for the “Changed Person she is NOW” She becomes sister Nkechi who is a prayer warrior and attends every church program.
This is to lure in a man to marry her. Some will go to the entend of lying they are virgins only for the husband to marry her and be shocked. The Marriage then falls apart in one week because of lies. Or he later founds out she can't give birth because she destroyed her womb through abortions.

Unsatisfied sexual life
Sometimes she may not lie she is a virgin but pretends she never had multiple partners. The Husband being deceived she is decenr will feel the luckiest man alive. However, when wify finally has sex with her husband., she is bored out of her mind with his performance in bed, because Every Single Previous Lover outperforms her pathetic husband .
She begins to miss..
Makanaki: “who could go at it all night”
John: “who could give her multiple orgasms”
Zaddy: “who was better endowed”
Paul: “who was much more experience”
Or Falz: “who gave her WILD SEX . . . a preference that Hubby is totally unaware of.

Risk of extramarital affairs
Some wives start affairs, because of the Dead Bedroom Husband “my husband cannot meet my sexual needs I FELT the need to FEEL ALIVE AGAIN "," my husband is a 5minutes man". Affair is guaranteed to give her the endomorph rush that she craved during her promiscuous years. She then begins to cheat with her ex or a Neighbour and then refuse the Husband sex.
And there you have it, the emasculated husband caught in a sexless marriages i.e satan’s plan for marriages.

In the other end, the man gets married but his wife is boring in bed, he wants all the sexual styles he can think of but she is not willing to give in to his denands. He then gets a side chick to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

Unhappy marriage/seperation/divorce
Inevitably satan bides his time for an opportunity to expose her lies at the time in her marriage, she either gets caught cheating or the truth about her past gets revealed leading to cataclysmic consequences for her & the children (if there is).
The Husband then realizes his Entire Marriage was a big scam by this time he is sexually frustrated and very resentfull of his frigid wife the knowledge & MENTAL IMAGES that his wife had threesomes at college – One Night Stands with random guys, is psychologically too much for him to bear and he starts to cheat as revenge/ or seperate from his wife.

A man due to his previous excapades during his premarital life may want to taste other women because he is getting bored with having only one woman, he then ends up inpregnating a side chick or ends up contracting a disease.

As you can see premarital sex puts you at a disadvantage not only spiritually but physicially and healthwise.

Therefore brethren, abstain from premarital sex.


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