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Queen Ruth Ujah Engages Support Initiative For Underprivileged Children, Schools

With constant cravings for care, love and affection by displaced and underprivileged children, a Nigeria-born Philanthropist, Humanitarian and Beauty Queen, Her Majesty, Queen Ruth Ujah has remained unconditionally involved and undauntedly committed to salvage initiatives and intervention projects to correct the worrisome challenges.

The exceptional contributions by the Founder of Unity Care Foundation for Orpahns and Widows, especially in extending care and support to children cannot be overemphasized. She has remained on the forefront of campaigns and awareness programs on the required priority on childcare, with regards to the undeniable value children in national and global development.

As a the Queen of Unity Nigeria, her pet project has continued to support the liberation of underprivileged persons and help resolve the routine challenges faced by children and schools across Benue State. Few months ago, on May 27th Children's Day, while speaking during an interview on Radio Benue FM, Queen Ruth Ujah encouraged children in Africa on the outstanding relevance and how imperative they are to the society, as well as the Africa in entirety.

She has also continue to harness several mediums by calling on the support of true Nationalists, agencies and government institutions in leveraging underprivileged persons from the challenges they are been faced with today. Her projects have remained focused on care, support and the development of quality education for Children.

Referred as Ruchina by her close friends and colleagues, Queen Uja has assured children across Africa of her undying efforts to ensure the alleviation of the routine challenges and sufferings they face every now and then. Her prospective missions, validated achievements and notable impacts has kept her in the realm of exceptional possibilities for less privileged persons especially children.

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