Road safety corps must be corrective, Not punitive Nigeria Comedian reacts

Popular Nigeria Comedian, Event Host and Award winning MC, Gbadamasi Bernard, popularly called Koboko Master has condemned activities of the Federal Road Safety Safety Corps in Abuja, after an encounter with them few days ago. He noted that it was disgraceful for officers of FRSC to be brutal and just mindful about extorting monies from road users, instead of ensuring safety.

Speaking regretfully on the experience he had with Officers of the Federal Road Safety, Koboko Master stated that by booking and collecting monies for penalties, without ensuring provisional efforts to sustain safety of road users was a mere hogwash. While narrating the situation he stated that few days ago, he was stopped by the federal road safety corps and was asked to pull over which he, and was then asked to provide his driver's licence and car documents, which he also provided with super validity. Thereafter he was asked for a fire extinguisher, which he also provided, but to his greatest surprise, the officers said the extinguisher was expired and that he must be booked.

All of this embarrassing developments where now tailored at getting monies from the Comedian as penalty and not targeted at how he could get a new extinguisher to secure safety of his vehicle. Koboko Master however suggested a more corrective approach instead of a punitive one geared at enriching themselves.

He however adviced FRSC on issues like Fire extinguisher and other safety tools needed for road users. He suggested that the FRSC should develop an affiliation with private business owners that are into the sales of these safety equipments, so that when a person is found wanting , such persons will be booked and referred to such agency, probably with the penalties included in the payments. By doing this, the road user would have been cautioned, the safety equipment would have be procured, the private businesses person would have made some profit and FRSC would have done their job as well as collect their stipends as penalties.

He noted that with such suggestions, if implemented by FRSC, the nation can move on freely and easily, instead of the stressful process of booking, payment at bank and bring teller to office, without the achieving the aim of providing safety.


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