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Young Nigerian Becomes First Black To Own Lounge & Restaurant In Morocco (Photos)

Discovering First Black To Own Coinbeats Lounge & Restaurant In Marrakceh, Ubani " Bobby" Max As He Marks Birthday With Boat Cruise*

Famous Nigeria Businessman and Showbiz Enterpreneur, Ambassador Ubani Chinagorom Max, popularly referred as Bobby Max, has established Coinbeats Lounge and Restaurant in Morocco Marrakceh, offering tasty varieties of lovable dishes, enjoyable hot-off the grill, with an ice-cold beer, straight out of the bottle and a relaxing atmosphere that's suitable for everyone.

The conducive and magnificent atmosphere of Coinbeats Lounge and Restaurant located in Morocco Marrakceh was officially launched and has continued to deliver exquisite lounge and restaurant services to residents of Morocco, as Marrakceh is one of the most highly recognised cities for tourists in Africa.

Owned by young Nigeria Multimillionaire entertainment Enterpreneur, Ambassador Ubani Chinagorom Max, who is also CEO of CMU international concepts and Chairman of Coinbeats Entertainment and the first black African to own such an investment in Marrakech marked his birthday few days ago at Coinbeats Lounge with friends and family members.

There was lots of fun, with loads of side activities, which included a beach cruise with friends who appeared in all-white outfits to make the entire experience colourful, amazing and enjoyable. Some guests at Coinbeats Lounge and Restaurant have appreciated the deluxe comfort and accommodating atmosphere they experienced, with regards to exceptional services they deliver.

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