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Abuja based environmentalist, Sonia Somuvie and team officially launch ECOSMART INITIATIVE

On thursday, 3rd December 202o, ECOSMART⅘ INITIATIVE was officially launched by its founder, miss Sonia Somuvie and her team at the Immaculate Hotel and apartments in abuja.

The Ecosmart initiative is a Climate Change Advocacy organisation with a sole vision of 'combating global warming' by taking urgent actions to combat climate change and its impacts in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 13 in Nigeria. Following their previous project on the 22nd of February 2020 where they organized the clean up of the Jabi lake and was joined by the fisher men community in Jabi to rid the lake of over 200 bags of pet plastic trash and a tree planting project in Mpape where they landscaped the primary school and crush rock on their CLEAN AIR (#i_air_vest) campaign with over 100 plants and support by the mpape community and love fm radio on the 29th of August, 2020, the founder and her team officially announced their organisation's vision and plans for 2021 during the launching event. 
They plan to rid the environment of over 1 ton of plastic waste and plant at least 1, 200 trees amongst other sensitisation and community projects in the 2021.

During the opening speech, the founder admonished guests to be a part of the project by signing up as volunteers, sponsoring trees and clean up projects, by partnering with then, by referring like minds to be a part of the team and also by opening up their private organisations to them for awareness campaigs and sensitisation programmes. The call to action is to combat climate change by investing on trees, reduce carbon and encourage a cleaner environment. She urged physical and online guests to be more responsible for their environment by practising better hygiene outside their homes and avoid indiscriminate disposal of waste in public places. 

The team members of the organisation was present, dignitaries and special guests of like minds as well as children representatives from the Destined Orphanage Home was present also. As a closing remark, miss Sonia Somuvie urged people present to sponsor trees and be self advocates for a cleaner, greener environment, just as she is calling you today to become a volunteer. 

With your extra care and hands the environment can become a safee place for us and for the next generation. She thanked her very encouraging team members and guests as the event came to a close with a soft refreshment. 
Ecosmart Initiative...we are pro cleaner, greener environment!!

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