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Let's redirect attention to positive things, beauty queen, 'Istifanus' urges Nigerian youths


...says, "we protested without good results instead we lost our love ones." 

A Nigerian born beauty queen, Istifanus has advised fellow youths in the country to use their brain well, saying it is high time the youths redirect their mind to positive things. She lamented that the massive protest carried by the youths did not yield positive result as loved ones were lost.

In a passionate letter made available to the media addressing the youths, she said, "Every parents bequeath there inheritance to their children so that they can keep up the hardworking tradition to take care of them when they are old. But in our own case, current day parents (government) prefer to give us money without future assurance, when it should have been the other way round.

"It is noticeable that some influential Nigerians are more successful and well placed in the society than their children.

We need to see 50 percent of Nigeria youths in government, to be able to push Nigeria to the next level.

"The youths should form an independent party without sponsor made up of Nigerian youth of adolescent age.

We need "a go fund me account" that can be able us reach out to every Nigeria youths in and out of the country to support the cost of change in Nigeria," she said.

She lamented that what Nigeria have is politicians and not leaders that should carry everyone along.

"We have politicians  and not leaders in this country. 21st century  president should have age restrictions because of how the brain functions. We are in a digital age and need digital minds to pilot affairs of the modern society.

" It is high time we vote in young and vibrant mind who will understand the needs of everyone, not people whose ideology is archaic, who cannot even operate computer or understand how social media works. Youths should be in control while elders sit to advice or help in areas of history. The change is now," she concludes.

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