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Unveiling Maduka’s Giant Strides In U.S, A Reflection Of His Capacity To Govern Anambra State (WATCH VIDEO)

Dr. Godwin Maduka, a frontline governorship aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Anambra State, has continually demonstrated an uncommon passion for the betterment of the people of the State.

At a time, both serious and unserious contestants for elective offices in Nigeria scramble to be elected, it is important the electorate ascertain their capacity and abilities, as a basis to elect or reject them at elections.

In other words, it is vital they assess how each aspirant has fared or performed in his or her private endeavour before entrusting him or her with a leadership position.

Records have shown that it is only those who excelled in their chosen field of endeavour made impacts in public office when elected.

Former Governor of Anambra State, Mr Peter Obi, is a testimony. He was an astute businessman, one of the nation's influential players in the financial sector, before he forayed into politics, and later became governor of Anambra State.

Such a feat is on the verge of repeating itself in the State, If Anambrans take cognisance of the giant strides and monumental success Dr. Godwin Maduka has recorded in the field of medicine on the global stage.

Maduka successfully set up and runs Las Vegas Pain Institute, one of the respected health institutions in the United States.

Located in six different locations across Nevada, the Institute, with state of the art medical facilities, is one of the best medical centres in the U.S, which offer quality medical services, particularly in the area of pain management to people across the globe.

From Jamaica to Spain, down to Seychelles up to Egypt, hundreds of nationals of foreign nations come to the Institute to seek quality medicare, which Maduka and his team have effectively rendered.

This clearly showcases the fact that Maduka has proven his mettle in medicine at the global stage and have attained such an enviable feat, he certainly has the capacity to take Anambra State to eldorado.

Maduka's success in medicine is not only on the global stage, he replicated such feat back home, when he set up a similar medical facility in his home town, Umuchukwu in Anambra State, which is rendering quality medical services to ANAMBRARIANS and those from outside the State.

His huge footprints in the field of medicine is a testimony and reflection of his ability to take Anambra State away from its present socio-economic doldrums to the zenith of development.

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