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Why Are The Igbo Leaders Now Silent?

By Val Igwebuike

It has never been this bad in Igbo Land. What is happening in Igbo states presently is not insecurity. What we are witnessing in Igbo Land is a deliberate but untactful total submission to the evil and dangerous mission of the Caliphate in Igbo Land by the political and sociocultural leadership in Igbo states.

Perhaps, the early results of their test run is unanticipated. Perhaps, the Igbo Leaders had thought it would be business as usual. These Political moles, who are using their leadership position to endanger the life of their people may had agreed with their paymasters to serve as the spokepersons, whenever the killer squads from the far north start unleashing mayham in all Igbo speaking states. They may had agreed with the Fulani Political hegemony to take the job of putting all the blames on their People while the northern terrorists level the entire land of the Rising Sun to debris. 

This is the first time in the history of Igbo Nation, where a particular set of people recognized as leaders are seen partnering with foreigners, whose mission is to exterminate the entire aboriginals for a total occupation of the aboriginal land. 
It is difficult to contemplate this possibility. It is unimaginable that while the fulanis came into Igbo states to kill people, whose only sin was  that they question the right of the fulanis to destroy their farms in their indeginous lands, our governors did not see any reason to establish a security network that could protect their People against the killing expeditions of the fulani herdsmen. 
The Igbo governors did not, even when the governors in the South West and north central saw the expediency for such local vigilant or security formation.

What was seen were situations where the Igbos kept crying and lamenting on the complacent silence of the federal government on the killing effrontery of the marauding fulani herdsmen. While our people decry of their state of defenselessness in the face of highly armed fulani herdsmen, who move about with sophisticated weapons, demonstrating readiness to kill even without any provocation, Igbo governors became the defenders of the federal government and the henious activities of the fulani terrorists in Igbo states.

The indeginous People of Biafra, IPOB, were the most affected and the most killed as they were a prime target of the goverments across the federation. Their peaceful agitations were usually met with heavy rains of bullets by the federal Authority. 
At home, these freedom fighters were also seen as enemies by the governors and infinitesimal number of Igbo politicians, who are feeding fat from sycophancy to the detriment of their People.
The unholy relationship between the fulani Political hegemony and Igbo sociocultural organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, made IPOB the number one obvious enemy of the Apex leadership of Ohanaeze. This shameful outcome became manifest during the Endsas protest in Lagos State. A protest that was termed a national one by the Nigerian Youths went bloody. When the Nigerian Authority decided to blame IPOB for the ugly and deadly aftermaths of the protest, only the leadership of the Igbo sociocultural organization was the ready instrument of the goverment to hip all blames on the innocent IPOB. The then President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo was quick to tell the world that the comments of Nnamdi Kanu during the protest were largely responsible to the bloody outcome of the protest. It took the bold sophistication of Prof Soyinka and other Yoruba People to extricate IPOB from the orchestrated ploys of the federal government to indite and blame Ndigbo for a national Endsas protest that took place in Lagos and so many other cities in Nigeria. 

That was how bad it was, yet the goverments did not stop at there. Weeks after the Lagos attempt to use the Endsas protest to kill the Igbos, it started in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
The governor in that state became willing tool to end the lives of many innocent Igbo, who had no hand in the Endsas saga. 
Igbos, who supposedly have Political representatives, whose primary function was to defend their civil interest by all means possible, were killed in their homes in cold blood. The shameless highlight of the situation in Rivers State was when the immediate past President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo visited the state at the peak of the killing galore. Instead of visiting to see the Igbos at obigbo and have a first hand knowledge of the misery and deadly experiences of Ndigbo, Nnia Nwodo went straight to the goverment house of Rivers State, where he was captured singing: 'Wike, Wike, Wike Kai ga eso ooo, ma ona eje je, ma ona ayo ayo, Wike Kai ga esoooo'!

Basically speaking and categorically too, the harvest of Igbo deaths by globally identified Igbo natural haters, and the sorrowful wailing of Ndigbo in Rivers State was not the concern of Chief Nnia Nwodo, who was the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, the only Apex Igbo sociocultural organization in Nigeria. 
Besides, the leadership of Ohanaeze, few Igbo Political leaders and their governors did not care to address the concern of their People in a country that treats them as despised immigrants.

The rigmaroles in Rivers State involving the Nigerian goverment, Ohanaeze Ndigbo and Igbo governors were the last straw that breaks the camel's back. It was crystal clear that the Igbos have become sheep without shepherds in a country they exercise their right to vote at elections; in a country they have Political Reps that should be their mouthpiece and speak on their behalf. 
The Igbos suddenly realized that only IPOB could be their big brother and defenders of their collective interest. They were not disappointed. IPOB came on board thorough their most trusted global leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who made the historic pronoucment: 'Enough is Enough'. Nnamdi Kanu gave his people what the governors had denied them. Nnamdi Kanu announced the establishment of a security outfit that was particularly formed as a child of necessity. OHAMADIKE NDIGBO, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu unleashed the anger of the Igbo masses on the political Reps through the formation of a regional security outfit - EASTERN SECURITY NETWORK, ESN to the consternation of the world and chagrin of the Nigerian goverment. He didn't pretend to mention the cardinal objectives of the security outfit. Nnamdi Kanu told the world that the mission of ESN is to flush out killer herdsmen from the land of the rising sun. 

Since the formation of ESN by IPOB, it has not been too Rosy for the governors and the sociocultural Leaders in Igbo states. The Igbo self acclaimed leaders have not been too flippant with their tongues again. 
The establishment of ESN in the East also brought about the abrupt reduction of social and Political tension in various State in Igbo Land. But it was clear to all that the federal government and their Political loyalists in Igbo Land did not find it funny. Since then, there have been many plans and counterplans to dislodge the IPOB and ESN. That IPOB seems to have become the long awaited Igbo militant arm that can return fire for fire, restored great confidence in millions of Igbo youths.

Recently, the Igbo Nation has been seeing what they have never seen in their States since after the civil war. Unknown GUNMEN, words that have their etymology from the battle decimated areas of the north are now used by newsmen to describe killing of innocent people in Igbo Land, particularly in Imo state, the Eastern Heartland. Sporadic shooting and crossfire bullets are presently being used to narrate ugly developments in Nigeria's most peaceful Political enclave.
In all this, the death of a beloved ESN Commander, Ikonso, has escalated the situation to a dangerous dimension.
But one is surprised and shocked to observe the unnatural and cosmetic silence of the talkative Igbo Leaders in the light of the present cataclysmic situations in Igbo Land. The big question currently in the lips of many Political observers and public affairs analysts is: 'Why are the Igbo Leaders now Silent?'

The talkative Political and sociocultural Leaders are said to be afraid of two things:
One, they are afraid that running their basket mouth as before will certainly pitch them against IPOB and ESN, who have demonstrated infuriated preparedness to use Igbo moles to avenge the death of their Commander, Ikonso.
Two, these Igbo insincere leaders have now realized the dangers of their shameful politics against the general interest of Ndigbo. They have suddenly realized how deadly it will be to them if they now go back, speaking the truth, which will trigger the anger of the federal government against them.
The readiness of IPOB and ESN to face anything in their unshakable determination to defend the Igbo land against any violent invasion, and the determined stance of the fulani Political hegemony to have their way in Igbo states by all means and at all costs, has put the Igbo Leaders between the devil and the deep blue see.
The unabated Political malady in the states of the South East geopolitical zone is an indication of the tight corners the political and self acclaimed Igbo leaders have put themselves.

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