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GUBER 2021: Maduka Joins List Of Legendary Anambrains, Azikiwe, Ekwueme, Ironsi, Ojukwu, Peter Obi As The Pride of Ndigbo

Dr.Godwin Maduka has emerged a towering figure, an enigma, who has become a pride of Ndigbo.

As the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, shop for a governorship candidate, who will fly it's flag at the guber election in November, it is pertinent the party go for Dr.Maduka, who has shown uncommon passion for the good and development of Anambra State. 

Maduka by his antecedents, belongs to the club of Igbo greats and legend such as Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe,  Aguiyi Ironsi, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, Dim Odumegu Ojukwu, Mr. Peter Obi, and others who made huge and remarkable impacts in Igboland and beyond.

The achievements of these legends remain indelible on the sands of time, and will certainly be difficult to erase.

They provided good governance when they held sway at various levels of government.

Zik was a titan, a political collosus, an icon of good governance, who was architect of Nigeria's independence.

Late Dim Ojukwu was a man of exceptional quality, the lion of the Igbo tribe, whose story and giant strides will never be forgotten..

The same goes for Ekwueme, and Mr. Peter Obi, whose performances in public offices, today remains reference for students of good governance.

Dr.Maduka has towed the paths of these legends, replicating their monumental achievements in his private capacity.

He may not have held public office yet, but he is the only public seeker in Nigeria's history who has to a considerable extent, surpassed the record of those who hold public offices!

Umuchukwu in Anambra State,  Maduka's community, offers a verifiable case-study of his pragmatism and capacity to render good governance if he is elected governor of Anambra State.

Maduka single Handedly built a 17 storey research medical facility- the biggest in West Africa, courts, police stations and schools, which has now turned his once rusty community to a modern city, Including sponsoring 85% of graduates from his town.

He has emerged the richest black medical doctor in history, having set up several medical facilities and runs the Las Vegas Pain Institute in the United States.

Such milestones and towering accomplishments certainly makes Maduka, an outstanding symbol of development and a verified apostle of good governance.

Certainly, the PDP in Anambra State  needs not to search for a credible governorship candidate who posses the character of great Igbo legends to win the Anambra governorship election. They already have one. He is Dr. Godwin Maduka.

"Dr. Maduka, as it is presently, holds the staff ( Offor) of Ndi Igbo. He belongs to the club of great Igbo legends" said Ogbuagu Ezeani, a party elder.

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