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Nigeria Prophet David Angel And Wife Celebrate Birthday in Style, Receive Accolades

A renowned Nigerian Spiritualist, Clergyman and General Overseer of a Christian denominational church, popularly known as Joshua Generation City Ministry, Papa David Angel and Mama Greatness Angel invited everyone as Guests at their fun-filled Birthday Celebration held in Abuja. This was announced in a post shared on social media.

According to the post, the Birthday Celebration of the amiable Spiritual Director and envisioned Preacher, Papa David Angel popularly known as ANGEL ONE held on the 29th of August 2021, at Joshua City, Kuje Abuja. The birthday celebration recorded the presence of notable Personalities, Popular clergymen, spiritual godsons, as also friends and family Members within Nigeria and across Africa.

Papa David Angel is known for his spiritual impacts and exceptional contributions to the physical and spiritual growth of multitudes. He Ministry has grown widely with lots of recognition on his divine grace, testimonials and testimonies. He remained a preacher and a spiritual leader with the strength of God. He has been described as an exceptional beneficiary of the grace of God upon his life, as he demonstrates the absolute divinity of God's perfection.

The messages of Papa David Angel and Mama Greatness Angel have continued to create new leads for hopeful living, thereby healing the sick and making a myriad impacts on several people, as well as helping his Members locate and uncover the destination to their destinies. 

In the realm of spirituality, prophetic abilities and religious discipline across Nigeria, Prophet Angel One may have become the new spotlight. 

The world class spiritual seer, an international pungent Preacher, a mechanism of prayer and a spiritual director to so many first class citizens has remained undaunted in his display and demonstration of absolute spiritual wisdom and oversized healing grace. As his marked birthday on ,29th August he possessed more intellectual capacity to lead. David Angel has been engaged in countless initiatives that supports youth creativity, empowerment campaigns and his deliverance ministry.

As the Spiritual pillar of many, he has been enable to recognise, encourage and honour Principal Agents, Men of God and Gospel Lifters across Nigeria who are devoted to ministry of spreading the gospel of Christ. The raw deliverance Minister as he is described is the Host of "Night Of Prophecy" at the University Of Deliverance ( UD) also known as Joshua Generation

Friends and well wishers have garnered, both as families, colleagues, associations and organizations across the world to celebrate the oracle of the most high God!

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