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Amb. Chris Odey: Giving Event Packaging A Classy Look In Abuja, One Of People You Should Know

  The Abuja narratives in social life is rapidly taking a new turn courtesy of new sheriffs in town. Prior to recent times, the FCT was not known beyond being the nation's seat of power where politicians meet to plot their political survival and restrategise against the next political year. Added to this is the fact that it houses key government ministries, departments and agencies. One can therefore safely say the city is a civil service state where the calendar cycle runs Monday-Friday, unlike Lagos where the large quantum of commercial and social activities run all week.

Interestingly, the I-cannot-kill-myself philosophy of Lagos where social life runs at par with work life seems to have in a way crept into Abuja. Residents of the nation's capital unlike in the past do not need to travel to Eko to unwind after a week-long work. What they are looking for in Sokoto is now in their shokoto, as we say in our parlance. Then why not save the flight ticket and have a full blast here at your doorstep?

This again accounts to why some top class MCs, comedians and artistes are finding their survival in a city once considered a rocky ground for the entertainment industry. Credit must be given to those who are bringing Abuja to limelight with social life, thereby offering residents opportunity of easing off the accumulated work-induced stress while getting them ready for a more healthy and productive lifestyle through a sound and emotionally balanced psyche. Some of these event gurus started off as pageant beauty contest organisers years back but have enlarged their scope to package events that adorn the presence of top socialites, politically exposed persons, business moguls and entertainment icons.

These visionary event organisers have not only created a niche for themselves, they have equally gone ahead to give Lagos a run for its money. In a short while, they have brought fame, attention, accolades, satisfaction, recognition and glamour to the FCT, thereby reviving the social life of the Abuja residents once in limbo.

In no particular order, these five individuals and organisations based on our research have contributed immensely to thrilling the residents of FCT with memorable events. Also note that Venue of Event, Quality Of Personalities, Turn Out of Individuals, Event Packaging, Media Presence & Visibility, Human Relation and Profit/ Income generation form the criteria for our listing.

Amb. Chris Odey

Amb. Chris Oko Odey, a multi ward-winning entrepreneur, activist, humanitarian, SDG advocate, motivator, talent/PR manager, creative director and concept developer has litany of brands he effectively manages and keeps active.

Among the brands where he is the Founder/CEO include International Goodwill Ambassador Club, Women Power Conference & Award, O’ddy Printing and Publishing Limited, Goodwill Ambassador Events Agency etc.

He wields a humongous experience in the industry, numbering over two decades. He is one of those in the FCT who started with award events before delving into pageant organising.

In the list of awards he has organised are Nigeria Goodwill Ambassadors awards, African Goodwill Ambassador Awards, Africa Peace Ambassador Awards, Africa CEO Merit Award and Nigeria Governors Scorecard Awards.

His awards events are organised by his Goodwill Ambassador Events Agency. Since 2014, this brand has honoured many notable personalities who have distinguished themselves in their various fields of endeavour.

The Nigerian Goodwill Ambassadors Pageant was the first teeth he cut in his pageant events. Even though he has somehow stepped down activities here, it is on record that he has produced notable beauty queens who are standing tall in the society today.

Because of his passion for welfare and development of women, coupled with efforts to ensure that women are appreciated because of the milestones some of them have achieved at one point or the other in private sector or public sector, he established Women Power Conference/Africa Leading Women Awards. This brand has been an umbrella for women leaders across political, business, entertainment and professional lines to come together and reason. One of the bold faces in Nollywood, Tonto Dike was among those he managed at one time or the other as Project Director.

As a result of feedback that came in over time and the need to honour top executives who have exhibited outstanding managerial prowess, Ambassador at Large, Chris Odey rolled out the Africa CEO Merit Awards. It is important to highlight that recipients are not limited only within the shores of the Nigerian soil. Ambassador Odey is one showbiz practitioner who is known for his capacity to effectively mix with other African countries. He has at several occasions attracted the presence of notable persons, women leaders and influential personalities from across the continent to his shows.

His Africa Peace Ambassadors Awards which recently joined in the league of his events will roll out its first outing on 12th December 2021 at Ladi Kwali International Conference Hall, Sheraton hotel, Abuja.

The Nigeria Governors Scorecard Awards was established to weigh the people's pause on the performance perception of the state chief executives. A number of governors across the country who have shown leadership and service have will be recognised and honoured.

His printing press, O’ddy Printing and Publishing Limited has over the years produced and printed hight quality publicity materials for his events. In addition he also handles commercial printing, and has attracted good patronage from clients.

Talking about his choice of venue, it is difficult to peg Amb. Odey with one particular event venue. However, irrespective of where he takes his event to, it is a certainty that it will not only attract significant presence of high and mighty, it will wow and stick to memory of guests for a long time. His confidence that he will have a fantastic outing irrespective of his venue choice is unshaken and it has really worked for him. His belief is anchored on the fact that his thrilling contents will do the magic wherever the venue may be. He has hosted events at National Merit House Maitama, Sheraton Hotel and some other selected venues.

On the quality of events, apart from his closeness to top celebrities which usually adds a touch of class to his events, Amb. Odey has shown he has some balls when it comes to drawing influential women leaders from within Nigeria and African Continent to his events.

His packaging is topnotch and usually leaves guests with a reasonable sense of satisfaction. His experience as an event manager in the past 21 years may as well be one of his selling points which sees him host about four to five events in one year, apart from others he plans and organises for his clients.

Amb. Odey is one man who does not throw his door open for people to troop in, wine and dine. He has a defined number of persons he expects at each event and this he goes for. There is however always sufficient breeze of comfort for anyone who comes at the end of the day. You must give him that.

In visibility and publicity, he has built and sustained a reasonable level of rapport with some leading media organisations in the country. He ensures visibility in FCT whenever he hosts an event, particularly billboards and banners. He leverages on the advantage his printing press offers him to churn out massive below-the-line advertisements, announcing what is about to happen at strategic points in the city. He also gives post-event publicity adequate attention.

His human relations approach is equal to none. As a personality with a humble heart, he practically takes the lead in ensuring that the comfort of his guests is not compromise. You can see him moving from one corner of the hall to the other, giving guests attention, irrespective of being the arrowhead of the occasion. Again, you can't find discrimination in his agenda. He treats guests with equal respect and ensures they get a good reception, the same way he renders services to his clients wholeheartedly as an event planner and organiser without undue preference to any.

Added to this, he has taken steps to honour some outstanding personalities who are making waves even in the industry, as a way of encouraging them while also inspiring others.

In terms of his profit and income, although one cannot with certainly assess his profit generation capacity, it is however important to underline that he does not fall below the line of breaking even. A physical assessment of him clearly shows that Amb. Odey does not run at loss. Even feelers close to him believe his personal investments lends credence to the fact that Ambassador 'no dey carry last' when it comes to matters of Naira.

"From his traditional marriage ceremony which took place not long ago, one can safely say that Amb. Odey is someone whose hard work in all these years has brought some fortunes. As the White wedding is slated for January next year. The calibre of personalities who graced the event tells you he is a hard nut to crack. That's what he stands for."

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