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Dr Godwin Maduka's Philanthropy And Kind Gestures Towards Anambrarians Is A Gold Standard, For Measuring Selfless Leadership Qualities!


From many years and months that well lead to the Anambra 2021 elections,to several days after these elections,Dr Godwin Maduka showed a character trait more interested in developing people around him,instead of the normal selfish designs,we know in Nigerian politics. 

In our local political space,we are used to having politicians show up only eight to ten months before elections, brandishing food packs,bags of rice,sewing machines and envelopes with meagre sums of money to bait the electorate with.

They would do these instead,rather than fix roads,help businesses grow and provide proper social amenities;such as roads,drugs,schools,churches,and hospitals.

At the start of September,several paint traders lost goods and properties along Modebe Avenue worth hundreds of millions of naira. Dr Godwin Maduka came to these traders rescue like a contemporary day saint and/or super hero of sorts. 

Dr Godwin Maduka gave out meaningful sums of cash to sick person's at hospitals and paid scholarships in full,long before these Anambra 2021 elections and afterwards. 

The schools , churches ,roads, hospitals, housing units for the DOWNTRODDEN and scholarships given are still ongoing. 

Besides all these golden efforts at ameliorating the lack of social amenities in our society,Dr Godwin Maduka is not looking to stop as he continues to give to those members of the Nigerian society who are in dire need of aide. He does these noble deeds like they are his duty,with a smile on his face and a hug to the needy as he shares his hard earned wealth with the unfortunate members of our society.


Sometimes I feel that people like Dr Godwin Maduka should be able to easily win elections in our polity,given the facts that he is extremely popular for his PHILANTHROPY and extra benevolence to the middle and lower income classes who constantly bear the brunt of these harsh economic times,in Nigeria. 

Furthermore,his PHILANTHROPY which runs back to the last 30 years, starting at Umuchukwu his home town and,running through other towns and cities, all over Anambra State. 

Dr Maduka is the classical representation of a contemporary day king Midas. This is so because all he touches turns to gold. Dr Maduka has made the Anambra state elections more competitive by his open mindedness, philanthropic gestures and sense of human development. He has indeed raised the bar with his desire to improve on every faucet of society using his,hard earned wealth,without asking for a reward for his deeds. 

This is the way a true leader behaves. He gives freely and without counting costs because,he knows that the grand architect of the universe,the Only One sees and rewards all activities. 

Dr Godwin Maduka is the numero uno amongst public figures from this contemporary Anambra State's society today because,he has used personal funds so much to aide millions from his productive structures and deeply thoughtful actions.

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