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Group condemns Saharareporters antics against CG Federal Fire Service

Group named *Naija patriots* blast Sahara reporters on their conventional fake news, as this time they went after the controller General (CG) Federal Fire Service, Dr Ibrahim Liman Alhaji.

Prior to this report, they said he has refused to retire after 44 years in service. But the fact remains that;
Dr Ibrahim Liman Alhaji was born in 1960. He joined the federal fire service in 1986. He was meant to retire December 2020 but got an extension with a presidential approval of 18 months. Dr Ibrahim Liman Alhaji, the present serving Controller General (CG) Federal fire service is meant to exit office in June 2022. Hence, the letter conveying the approval started from June 2020. 

If this typo is corrected, Dr Ibrahim Liman Alhaji will retire and exit service in June 2022. And if not corrected, he will retire on the 30th December, 2021. It is unfortunate we don't appreciate and celebrate the achievements and sacrifices these patriotic citizens put into place for the so many years in the service. From inception, when he took over as Controller General (CG) federal fire service, upon ascension into position as the Controller General (CG) federal fire service, the service took a new shape as brand new fire service trucks where purchased, professional foreign trainings and courses where opened and offered to both junior and senior staffs of the service, transparent recruitment and promotion of officers respectively also took a new phase putting smiles on the faces of so many officers of the federal fire service. 

With all this in view, it is obvious that Sahara reporters are paid to maliciously blackmail this patriotic citizen of ours, but we will not relent in supporting this good and selfless people willing to serve their father land. Dr Ibrahim Liman Alhaji is a citizen of Nigeria and for once has never showed interest in contesting elections of any kind. He believes we can all lead from different spheres of life irrespective of our leadership positions. 

He made it very clear that right now he's serving Nigeria, and cannot put two (2) hands in his mouth, even when people have continually yearn for him to come out and lead in his state he turned it down simply because he want to maintain a reputable legacy in the federal fire service as a true leader. 
Posters, billboards and branded cars have been flaunted around by people who above all wish and yearn for his leadership style to be implemented in the state, yet his stands and dedication remains to the service of those in his care in the federal fire service. 

We will advise Sahara reporters to withdraw this publication and false accusation and as well tell the general public the truth as it should be, according to the spokesperson SYLVESTER MBONU.

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