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Mr Desmond Agboola: Giving Event Packaging A Classy Look In Abuja, One Of People You Should Know

The Abuja narratives in social life is rapidly taking a new turn courtesy of new sheriffs in town. Prior to recent times, the FCT was not known beyond being the nation's seat of power where politicians meet to plot their political survival and restrategise against the next political year. Added to this is the fact that it houses key government ministries, departments and agencies. One can therefore safely say the city is a civil service state where the calendar cycle runs Monday-Friday, unlike Lagos where the large quantum of commercial and social activities run all week.

Interestingly, the I-cannot-kill-myself philosophy of Lagos where social life runs at par with work life seems to have in a way crept into Abuja. Residents of the nation's capital unlike in the past do not need to travel to Eko to unwind after a week-long work. What they are looking for in Sokoto is now in their shokoto, as we say in our parlance. Then why not save the flight ticket and have a full blast here at your doorstep?

This again accounts to why some top class MCs, comedians and artistes are finding their survival in a city once considered a rocky ground for the entertainment industry. Credit must be given to those who are bringing Abuja to limelight with social life, thereby offering residents opportunity of easing off the accumulated work-induced stress while getting them ready for a more healthy and productive lifestyle through a sound and emotionally balanced psyche. Some of these event gurus started off as pageant beauty contest organisers years back but have enlarged their scope to package events that adorn the presence of top socialites, politically exposed persons, business moguls and entertainment icons.

These visionary event organisers have not only created a niche for themselves, they have equally gone ahead to give Lagos a run for its money. In a short while, they have brought fame, attention, accolades, satisfaction, recognition and glamour to the FCT, thereby reviving the social life of the Abuja residents once in limbo.

In no particular order, these five individuals and organisations based on our research have contributed immensely to thrilling the residents of FCT with memorable events. Also note that Venue of Event, Quality Of Personalities, Turn Out of Individuals, Event Packaging, Media Presence & Visibility, Human Relation and Profit/ Income generation form the criteria for our listing.

Mr Desmond Agboola

He is the Chief Executive Officer of ASO Multimedia, the organisers of Queen of ASO Beauty Pageant, Democracy Youth Round Table, Kick Against Rape Novelty Football Match, South West Advancement Award & Lecture Series and Nigeria Beauty Queens Hall of Fame Honours.

One brand that has two managers, while Desmond Agboola is the CEO, Kingsley Agboola is the Managing Director. Both work closely and enjoy a harmonious work relationship even as blood relatives.

They started off with the Queen of ASO Beauty Pageant, which was effectively managed by Mr. Kingsley. It dates as one of the earliest beauty pageants in the nation's capital. So many people attribute it to Queen of ASO Rock. Queen of ASO Beauty Pageant stands out on the crest of its cultural inclination. It has produced one of the highly valued beauty queens in Nigeria, Jennifer Igwegbe who later became Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Ambassador, Joy Onumajuru later crowned Miss Commonwealth Africa, Ogenna Walter Ekwubiri added Miss Tourism World and others who had broken records in the pageant industry and beyond.

ASO Multimedia has gone ahead to produce queens who adorned the crown of Miss Tourism Nigeria. Their queens have maintained a lead in making massive impact in various endeavours. It is on record that Queen of ASO Pageant was the choice destination for any beauty queen who craves for special spotlight in terms of visibility, entrepreneurship, connection and opportunity of gracing an international stage in beauty contest. The tempo has remained same. ASO Multimedia has an enviable record of producing beautiful, charming and elegant contestants. This it has been achieved through a strict standard for screening.

It shows off its quality from the moment of screening to the actual hosting of event. It's choice of location for any event is not without a touch of class. Queen of ASO Pageant has over the years been hosted along with ASO Outstanding Award. Even though both events till date have not been separated from each other, the Kick Against Rape Novelty Football Match enjoys a stand-alone hosting.

It is one of the major projects of winner of Queen of ASO Pageant where a novelty football competition is hosted between ASO Pageant beauty queens and ladies from the media, law or other professional fields. It could also be with other beauty queens elsewhere. It is meant to raise awareness against rape and advance advocacy against sexual and gender-based violence, SGBV. This novelty football match has been hosted in Lagos, Abuja and beyond.

It has attracted the high and mighty, ladies of substance and of heavyweight, including the former Director General of National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), Julie Donli-Oka because of its relevance in the fight against trafficking and sexual offences as well as Minister of Women Affairs, both past and present. The Minister of State for FCT, Dr. Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu has also consistently been a part of it and other notable ladies in the society.

ASO Multimedia as a brand known for its integrity does not go about bandying names of personalities around without being sure of their presence at event. Beyond attracting quality and high network individuals, whoever they say will grace their occasion will eventually be there. No excuse at all. This has solidified the trust of the general public with ASO Multimedia.

With their South West Advancement Award & Lecture Series, which has taken place a couple of times, this brand has also shown the stuff it is made of. Very successful, it has been able to have some bold faces in the country make appearance.

Because of long list of success stories it has recorded, becoming a leading brand in organising historic and talk-of-the-town beauty contests, a lot of beauty queens from across the country look forward to featuring in ASO Multimedia brand. To accommodate this growing desire, the management in its magnanimity floated the Nigeria Beauty Queens Hall of Fame Honours. This was largely fashioned out to honour and recognise beauty queens who have affected the society in their own little ways, those who have used their crown to affect humanity. In the past three years, the prestigious Oriental Hotel, Lagos has played host to this noble event.

ASO Multimedia does not compromise with event venue. They have no competition in this regard. Despite being aware that their event will also come out with the flavour it is designed to achieve, they have for years maintained Sheraton Hotels and Towers Abuja as choice venue for Queen of ASO Pageant. It is a top-rated event venue for organisers who understand what they want. Even when they shift the fun stage to Lagos for any reason, Oriental Hotel, another classy venue also plays the host.

They lead with an aura of uniqueness because of that cultural touch they sprinkle on each event, as not to forget their background.

Credit must be given to them for attracting some selected faces at their events. This is in addition to the goodwill of previous events hanging at their back which usually comes to play. The two managers also enjoy the leverage which previous winners and contestants of their beauty pageants bring to the table. Models faces who mostly are enlisted as awardees also electrify the hall with their charming beauty.

Turn out of individuals has not been bad either. A significant attendance adds glamour to events and ASO Multimedia enjoys this at all times. Fun lovers look forward with excitement for their events.

Talking about packaging, the cultural aspect of their beauty pageant usually comes out captivating. Even the Nigeria Beauty Queens Hall of Fame Honours comes out with something new and catchy to the eye, both in Abuja, Lagos or elsewhere. Their novelty football match beautifies both teams and their officials with quality jerseys, boots, socks, et al. The choice of pitches is usually carefully selected to meet the cossy taste of the organisers.

They try their possible best to value and make use of the media before, during and after their event. They have a reasonable visibility and publicity to enlighten the public.

In human relations, because they have been able to churn out a good number of beauty queens, ASO Multimedia has built a solid human relations over the years which ensures that guests are comfortable throughout the duration of their event. They are also known for being time conscious without any compromise. African time is a no-no here. Their 5:00pm does not change to something else irrespective of the circumstance. They respect and value time, a reflection of Western engagement with time. Because of the high caliber of persons, mostly with a tight schedule that show up at their events, they ensure guests do not overstay.

Talking about profit/income, although they are not loud, the noticeable changes that characterise each event from the previous one speaks to what may have come into their pockets. The packaging shows there is good progress. Personal investments also appears appreciable. Courtesy of the good relationship that exists between the organisation and some of the beauty queens it has produced, they have also enjoyed an expanded goodwill through referrals and new contacts.

It stands as pageant brand of its own, unique taste and packaging. No bandwagon effect, no copy copy. Just stylish and beautiful.

The CEO, Mr Desmond Agboola was recently joined in holy matrimony with his heartthrob after a surprise engagement to her in Abuja. The wedding ceremony expectedly turned out a very colourful one that had top celebrities, politically exposed persons and respected individuals in attendance.

No scandal has been associated with this beautiful brand.

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