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Eight Years After, Abuja Body of Comedians Set For Election, Withdrawals Rock Exercise As Strong Contender Remains Unopposed

After eight years of his extended tenure, Dr Ayuba may soon hand over the presidency of Abuja Body of Comedians, ABC to an elected official as efforts are at top gear to organise a credible election in coming weeks. 

Dr. Ayuba is reputed to have brought stability in the Abuja Body of Comedians in the past eight years by fostering unity and harmony. 

This is seen in the number of top comedians to come out to support each other at their various events with or without financial commitment from the host colleague. 

This comes as some contenders are announcing their withdrawal from the race, citing conspiracy, hate and betrayal that have allegedly enveloped the atmosphere. 

Ghana-must-go who had recently stepped down said even though he has all what it takes to take ABC to greater heights, he would not go ahead with the race as president of the body. 

However, a top contender for presidency of the body, Onome De Saint may not have a bumpy ride to clinch to the top position in the ABC as he appears not to to have a strong  opposing force. 

The battle may have shifted to office of the vice president of the body as three top contenders, Amb. Wahala, CriSnow and Nick B will test their popularity at the upcoming election.

Rumours have it that Nick B may withdraw from the race though our correspondent cannot independently verify this.

Also, MC Steve also is a top contender who appears not to have a strong opposition for position of Assistant Secretary of ABC.

Asawana was was vying for the Secretary, had earlier announced his withdrawal from the race though no reason was given.

The industry has in recent times witnessed mass entry of new members. 

This is attributable to membership drive embarked upon by the leadership of Dr. Ayuba, a veteran MC and comedian who has done well in the industry.

His target is to reposition Abuja entertainment industry through the enhancement of unity and oneness among practitioners to compete with Lagos which has a larger market.

The new impact being made by Abuja entertainers has also made them to be on high demand in Lagos shows, unlike before when they could not attract such recognition.

Abuja comedians have however attracted criticisms for not making adequate preparations in terms of attracting willing partners and sponsors, adequate publicity and enough notice to guests before hosting events.

This is attributable to why some events in Abuja are greeted with lots of empty seats. 

It is hoped that the new administration will put this into consideration in its agenda.

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