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The North and The Dangers Of Presidential Ambition.

That Atiku and other fulani men would come out for president immediately after Buhari, a fulani man is just completing 8yrs as president is POLITICALLY contemptible.
In 2007, after Obasanjo had completed his 8yrs tenure; Atiku, Yardua and Buhari were the only Presidential candidates of major Political parties in Nigeria.

All major Political parties in the country then had these fulani politicians as their presidential flag bearers. This happened because everyone in Nigeria knows that Nigeria as a pluralistic Political contraption observes without reservation a gentleman agreement on ROTATIONAL PRESIDENCY to accommodate all sectional or regional interest for a peaceful Political coexistence.

It is now questionable that the same north, the same ethnic group, despite being the smallest in terms of population and other major indices of relevance for electoral supremacy, is still arrogantly desiring and pushing to become president of Nigeria in 2023. 
This is grossly unacceptable and a loud call for an uncontrollable Political malady in Nigeria.

What is wrong in allowing the 2023 Presidential contest to be strictly, the affairs of the Southern Nigerian Presidential gladiators as it was observed in 2007 after Obasanjo's regime?
Must everything that concerns Political administration in Nigeria always go the way of the fulani Political hegemony, all in the name of the north?

It is obvious that the desperation of the fulani Political gladiators to always occupy the biggest Political office in Nigeria may plunge this politically staggering Nigeria into an Irredeemable Political catastrophe.

Those, who love Nigeria and wish that the country continues to stay together should advise the politically rapacious presidential gladiators from the northern extraction to exercise patience and allow the Southern Nigeria produce a president for Nigeria in 2023.

Val Igwebuike.

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