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Happy birthday to Rt Hon. Comr Chinyelu Chinelo Okolie The National Treasurer of NANS.

The beautiful Comrade has in recent times has been described by many as a Natural born Leader, an emerging face and hope of women in leadership, vindication of the female folk and a woman with the heart of a strong man, Nwanyị wu ihe, a capacity leader per excellence, Nwachinyelugo 💖, a lady with beautiful ❤️heart, an amazon, a conquerer, a prevailer, courageous, a versatile lady, a jack of many trades, ambitious, determined, open minded, amazing, one that puts herself in front when it's time to try new important things, bold and daring, a fun loving person in a creative way, 🙏🏻a Christian lady who believes in prayer, A very dogged woman that fights for what she want, a lady with a good spirit and a lovely heart, a lady that God is lifting beyond her imaginations, a good woman and so on... 

Today,  on the occasion of the commemoration of your birth,  we acknowledge your efforts, doggedness, quality & effective Representation and leadership .... May God continues to bless you and Grant you all your heart desires.

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