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Aftermath OF INEC Release Of Timetable For 2023 Guber Elections.

The political atmosphere in Imo State has taken a different direction since after the release of election timetable by the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC. 

The apprehensive disposition of most political gladiators in the State has been quite unpretentious. The reason for this, is obvious. For the first time since 2007, when the Nigerian electorates lost the power to decide their political future to gross electoral malpractices, Imo has remained a politically uncomfortable state. 

Imo state, the Eastern Heartland got thwarted into plethora of political maladies, leading to its present situation of insecurity, which is certainly taking a dangerous dimension. 

As I had always predicted in most of my radio commentaries and symposiums, the current political THIRD FORCE came suddenly like a thunderbolt. No politician in Nigeria with the mentality of the OLD ORDER anticipated it. 

To many, it is still an unbelievable dream, a nightmare. Sadly for them, Nigerians, who have been experiencing excruciating pains in all rounds have welcomed and embraced the third force with both arms.


The political pedigree and economic managerial profile of a single personality is the reason for this political THIRD FORCE in Nigeria. 

His emergence as the only human in Nigeria's political space, who has the Presidential gravitas to rehabilitate all dilapidated political fabrics in Nigeria, has caused sleepless nights to our old and extremely corrupt politicians.


This political enigma, whose entry to an obscured political party brought it quickly to national and international limelight, is no other person than Mr Peter Obi. He has made Labour Party the number one political party of choice in Nigeria. The party is now posing serious challenges to major political parties in every state of the federation. 

PDP and APC gubermatorial aspirants and candidates in all States in Nigeria are now afraid of being overwhelmingly defeated by Labour Party gubermatorial flag bearers.


One of the states, where this apprehension is rife is Imo, the Eastern Heartland. 

From all visible indications, Imo people need a political leadership relief package. 

The people have undergone indescribable agonies since 2007 till date. 

As we write and read this piece, the suffering of Imolites has become completely unbearable. 

Before now, Imo State is reckoned with appreciable intellectual sophistication and inviting environmental security.

Imo is presently recognised as the state with the highest number of academic professors in all political enclaves of the federation. 

In 2016 alone, the number of JAMB candidates from Imo State was greater in number than the number of candidates from the nineteen(19) Northern States put together. This is how intellectually sophisticated the Eastern Heartland is in the area of human resources.


In the hospitality and leisure industry, Owerri, the state capital was reputed to be the hub of tourism in Nigeria. In fact, Owerri was described as the emerging hospitality and leisure abode in West Africa. 

Today, the story is different and sad. Imo state has turned to a place where horror news is expected to come out at all times. 

It is now a state in which civil servants and social or public workers are either paid half salary or not paid at all. Imo has become a choice state for law enforcement agents, who wish to make fraudulent income through brazen extortion and harassment of innocent citizens. On our roads, public extortion and bribery by state security officials is a norm. Imo citizens are completely defenceless.

Imo is presently a state, where no month passes without harvest of death and brutal raping of mothers and their daughters by marauding fulani herdsmen, after destroying their farms.


Lack of food and social hardship is now the order of the day in the Eastern Heartland. 

Our health centers are totally empty of both lifesaving drugs and medical professionals. 

In all these, only one political party can redeem this seemingly irredeemable political situation in Imo State. 

That political party is the LABOUR PARTY. 

The party of Mr Peter Obi.


To actualize this herculean dream, two segments of the party arms hold the key to the electoral fortunes of the Labour party in Imo State. 



These two organs of the party must be made to be optimally functional if the Labour Party can win all the elections in the State. 

The members of these two creations of the party should be people with demonstrated capacity and experience to interface with Imolites, deploying their oratory strengths and prolific writings to change the narratives, and bring about a rewarding paradigm shift to the advantage of our candidates from top to bottom. 

This is the only way to ensure victory for Labour party at the polls. 

This is our hope for aggregate electoral success. 

Val Igwebuike

Executive Director, Centre For Community Advancement and Investigative Reporting (CC-AIR)

Member, Publicity and Media Committee, LP Imo State.

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Do you have any information or event for ABUJAPRESS to publish or cover? Kindly Call us on +2349075556668 or send us message on Whatsapp number +2348037780342 or send us an email [email protected]

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