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DELTA 2023: "Urhobo Nation Wont Vote Contract Racketeer, Rent Seeker" - Mayor of Urhoboland Lambasts Omo-Agege

The Mayor of Urhoboland, Eshanakpe Israel a.k.a Akpodoro, has expressed displeasure over alleged pipeline security surveillance of Urhobo and Isoko lands allegedly awarded the Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege through Zane Energy wherein Jimmy Omo-Agege, is said to the Chief Executive Officer and the Managing directing noting that the lawmaker is shortchanging Urhobo Youths for his personal and not public good. 

He stated this in a chat with our correspondent Wednesday in Warri, the economic nerve Centre of the oil-rich Delta State, South-South Nigeria as he called on the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited to immediately revoke the subcontract given to Omo-Agege by proxy that the lawmaker cannot be a Senstor and an ex-militant at the same time. 

He stated that, DSP Omo-Agege was never part of the arm struggle when it mattered most and shouldn't reap from where he did not sow while calling on the FG to in the interest of Peace and security in Urhobo land withdraw the contract of OML 30 and 34 lying within Urhobo and Isoko axis from the politician which he said amounts to armtwisting Urhobo Youths.

That Omo-Agege is a Senator is enough engagement for him but shouldn't covet that which should naturally come to the youths of Urhoboland saying, the ex-militant leaders in Urhobo and Isoko including himself are more deserving of the contract adding that but for the weakness of Urhobo, the Senator shouldn't have dared to hijack the pipeline contract. 

The Mayor quarried the rationale behind "coveting" the pipeline job by proxy using his younger brother at the detriment of public interests blaming the NNPCL and the national security apparatus for allowing a politically exposed person to take over security of such important national treasure.

According to the Mayor who doubles as the Coordinator of the National Coalition of Niger Delta Ex-Agitators, NCNDE-A, Omo-Agege has exuded enough greed and should look elsewhere to build his political war chest as he vowed to ensure that the Senator loses the contract if only for Urhobo Youths to be the gainers for it.

"When we were in the creeks, DSP Omo-Agege was nowhere to be found, has he seeing other lawmakers or sectional leaders hustle to hijack contracts that belong to the youths. Why is Omo-Agege impeding the progress of Urhobo Youths? Government Ekpemukpolo a.k.a Tomopolo, hails from a senatorial district that has a Senstor, ditto Ayiri Emami, yet, they were not robbed of the contracts but Urhobo and Isoko youths are jinxed by a greedy Senator who want to own the world. 

"Why for God sake is the FG not rewarding loyalty and sidarity to the nation? We hailed Tomopolo's contract because he deservedly was awarded the surveillance job and also Emami, on what ground was the Urhobo corridors of pipelines awarded to Omo-Agege? NNPCL should right its wrong immediately to save us from looming crisis." Akpodoro stated noting that, the time has come for Urhobo Youths to reject oppression by one "winner takes all."

His Excellency commended the success already achieved by Tantita Security Services, describing the revelations already made by the firm as massive while he hailed the intelligent network of the of the firm. 

Going by the revelations, the firm has confirmed its capacity to protect the pipelines in its areas of operations and for the nation without let or hindrance while he called on NNPCL not set Urhoboland on fire. 

Akpodoro called on Urhobo and Isoko youths to ensure that the APC gubernatorial candidate in the state loses election at the polls come 2023 saying; if as an aspirant to the Government House, Omo-Agege ambushed the good of the two ethnic nationalities, he will do worse as a governor adding that the Deputy Senate President should take que from other gubernatorial flagbearers in the state who he said are not hijacking contracts that should go to the youths. 

Pointedly, the Mayor said youths of Urhobo and Isoko extractions had approached the Senator earlier but he denied involvement in the contract only for youths who he said borrowed money to travel to Gbaramatu to meet with the management of Tantita Securirty Services where they were shockingly told to go and meet Omo-Agege to whom the OML 30 and 34 had allegedly been awarded.

"Agege should emulate his colleagues in the red chamber of the National Assembly and gubernatorial candidates who are not running after contracts against the good of their people. As it is now, Omo-Agege is the Senator representing Delta Central Senatorial District, he's the pipeline surveillance contractor, the contractor handling the construction of the Federal Polytechnic Orogun, the Sapele - Eku rehabilitation and the gubernatorial candidate - all in one person. Is Urhobo his exclusive preserve? We heard him refer to Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, as a traitor whereas they have same perfidious blood run in their veins. Chief Ovedje Ogboru, Olorogun Otega Emerhor and others who had tasted the bitter pill of betrayal at the different times in the hands of this politician can tell the story better. 

"Our coalition knows already that the OML 30 and 34 are in wrong hands and that may throw spanner in the works of Tantita Security Service and we are not unaware that Omo-Agege's handling of the surveillance contract is a bundle of confusion waiting to happen. He would spoil the good work Tompolo is doing. " The Mayor maintained.

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