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2023: Christian Youth Group Sends Strong Warning To Nigerians, Says Beware Of Peter Obi


The United Christian Youth Forum of Nigeria (UCYFN) has warned Nigerians to beware of antics of the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, saying the former Anambra State governor was not what he claimed to be.

At a press conference in Abuja on Friday, the group led by Bro. Peterson A Daniels as President, accused Obi of using religion to hoodwink his followers and other unsuspecting Nigerians.

“You have, like other Nigerians, been assaulted by images from the visit of Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi to Edo state as part of his campaign for the 2023 Presidential Election. That visit was marked by Mr. Obi making a pit stop at a night vigil and a Catholic Mass, where he was seen kneeling down to receive prayers from the clergy in a series of photographs that have gone viral.

“Prior to the start of the campaign, Mr. Obi has become prominent feature of Christian worship centres across the country, through deals brokered with the overseers of these participating congregations by his agents. These visits to Pentecostal and Protestant congregants were made to trend in the media and social media, ostensibly to frame the LP candidate as a God-fearing person.

“Sadly, we are compelled to make this intervention today to alert Nigerians against being misled into endorsing the representative of the devil as their next president. The charismatic and religious fervor that that Mr. Obi has been displaying since emerging the LP candidate is nothing but a facade to hide his true identity: an irredeemable Catholic fanatic that perverted the faith in a manner that should have earned him excommunication on account of making Catholicism appear like a cult,” Daniels said.

They further accused Obi of hatred for non-Catholics and Nigerians of other faiths, declaring that the LP presidential candidate was unfit to be Nigeria’s next President in 2023.

“In conclusion, the United Christian Youth Forum of Nigeria hereby warn Nigerians to beware of the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, who has assured his inner circuit that he shall run a Catholic government if mistakenly elected as President.

“He will exclude Pentecostals, Protestants, Muslims, Animists, Agnostics and Atheists from having access to the dividends of democracy as if they are not humans. Yet, our Christian teaching is not to maltreat anyone on account of these differences. The task that Christ gave us is to witness to the world, which is the best way bring them into our fold as opposed to Mr. Obi’s sectarian fanaticism,” he added.

Meanwhile, attempts to get the LP presidential candidate to react to the allegations against him, proved abortive as multiple phone calls and text messages sent to Dr Yunusa Tanko, Chief Spokesperson of LP Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) by our correspondent, were unanswered as at press time.

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  1. Just as Soludo was paid to destroy Peter Obi, you have also been paid to do same. You prefer people who are outrightly dishonest, criminals to rule this country. What that means is that you want the present suffering to continue. I tell you , your children and great grand children will suffer hardship till the end of their existence on earth . The money you have been paid to destroy this man will not be enough to insulate you from the suffering that will accompany their misrule.

  2. As a Christian you should know that there is no appeal in God’s decisions. Christians are to be honest, fair and just. Please do not destroy anyone for anyone and for any reason. Kindly ask for God’s forgiveness.

  3. There's absolutely nothing like the purported United christian youth forum of Nigeria.. It's but one of the several cheap hasty contraption by the heavily monied Tinubu campaign machinery. Unfortunately, this media outfit is part of the manipulation. Just carry -go! We know who you're, where you're coming from and where you're going. Nigerians can't be deceived any longer by cheap piece of sensational journalism like this!