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APC’s charge to Kwankwasiyya:Valid, desirable


Disagreements in any group of people are normal happenings; infact, sometimes people will have to disagree in order agree, especially in a democratic settings where people hold divergent opinions but eventually find a common ground to enable the group to move forward.

Such scenario is also common in political parties where people from diverse backgrounds meet and table different opinions and convictions, yet, reach a concensus and the party moves ahead to win elections convincingly.

The recent minor disagreement that occurred among some members of the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) in Kano State, therefore, was not a different happening.

The event was a normal occurrence,and should not be capitalized upon by anyone, including the opposition Kwankwasiyya group of the New Nigeria People’s Party(NNPP) to cause disaffection among members of the APC in the State.

In that direction, the ruling APC in the State accused members of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) Kwankwasiyya group of capitalising on a minor disagreement in the APC to cause disaffection among its members.

The accusation was disclosed on Thursday via a statement issued by the State Commissioner for Information and Spokesperson for the Gawuna/Garo Campaign Council, Comrade Muhammad Garba.

Comrade Garba said despite the fact that the disagreement had been amicably resolved by the APC elders, the Kwankwasiyya group, which is intimidated by the strength of the APC in the state, is still indulging in propaganda to blow the situation out of proportion.

He said there is credible information that the group is even engaging in the destruction of posters and other party identities, using the matter which had already been resolved, as a smokescreen and in the name of disagreeing groups within the APC.

He pointed out that in the last few days, the Kwankwasiyya group had been sharing pictures, giving negative meanings to them, all in its futile attempt to discredit the ruling party in the state.

The Commissioner further noted that while the APC is entitled to its share of intra-party discord which is common in all parties, such should not be allowed to be used by the opposition to further forment trouble for the party.

He said as the nation approached the 2023 elections, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and the APC gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna, want members of the party to remain steadfast and maintain the party’s unity to continue in the path of apparent victory and dominance at all levels.

Indeed, no party is immuned to internal misunderstandings;the only difference is how the party is able resolve such disagreements, and the APC is known for its ability to resolve its own discord amicably.

Similar situations had in the past manifested in the APC both at macro and micro levels, particularly during the last congresses and primaries,and the party came out of all of them, stronger.

The recent minor disagreements between some members of the party in the State was a family affair which had since been resolved.

The APC has indeed, come out of the situation stronger, more united, more focused and ready to face the NNPP and other opposition parties in the state in the 2023 general elections.

Infact, in its current form and structure,the APC will defeat the opposition parties during the forthcoming elections,as it has always done, Insha Allah.

So, no amount of propaganda and/or incitements from Kwankwasiyya or any other political group,would derail the party from that path of victory and glory.

Abdullahi Yusuf is a Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Information to the Governor of Kano State.He can be reached on: [email protected]

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