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Nigeria can repeat the Rishi Sunak and Emmanuel Macron examples by electing a young president -- Accord candidate, Prof. Imumolen

Nigeria can jump on the bandwagon of the ongoing global fad in which a new generation of leaders are taking over the reins of power in many countries of the world by electing a president of youth extraction in next year's general elections.

The recent emergence of 42-year old Rishi Sunak as Britain's Prime Minister, exactly five years after France did the same in electing Emmanuel Macron as president, has supported the growing belief that youth is the way to go in a world now fast jettisoning the old order.

Accord presidential candidate, Professor Christopher Imumolen, a youth who is gunning for Nigeria's highest office in next year's presidential elections, says a better signal could not have been sent as to the direction the world is now heading with the latest developments in Britain and France, insisting that it only further reinforced the position he'd often held on the matter.

"Those who have had me talk ceaselessly about the benefits of allowing a young person take the reins of power as Nigeria's president have often wondered why I have been so passionate," Professor Imumolen said on Tuesday.

"But the truth is that we need a new generation of youthful leaders who would be ready to give their all for the overall betterment of this country.

"The emergence of Rishi Sunak as Britain's Prime Minister is a significant message to the countries of the world, particularly Nigeria that the era of relegating the youth in the general scheme of things is over.

"If countries like France where Emmanuel Macron has been president since 2017, and Britain with all their experience and technological know-how, can entrust the affairs of their countries in the hands of young, upwardly mobile professionals, then I don't see why we should be different.

"For those who don't know, Macron became president at the age of 39 -- the same age with me -- and has since become the only individual in French history since two decades to win a second term in office after being re-elected in April this year.

"What about Rishi Sunak? He is only 42 and the first person of colour to hold the office of Prime Minister, Britain. These examples clearly buttresses my often held beliefs that we must go the way of the youth if we desire a refreshing change from a chequered past of underachievement as a country.

"So, I'd use this opportunity to once again urge Nigerians to vote me, a youth who is vibrant, mentally sound, healthy and ready to change the status quo and deliver to them the true dividends of democracy.

"I want them to check my profile and make up their minds as we all journey towards 2023. Let's do it the French and British way. Let's vote for youth. Let's vote Professor Christopher Imumolen as Nigeria's next president," he added.

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