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It’s unbiblical for married couple to fast without partners’ consent – Bishop Kwakpovwe

Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe, founder and Presiding Bishop of the Manna Prayer Mountain Ministries Worldwide, has said it’s not biblical for married couples to embark on fasting without the consent of their partners.

Kwakpovwe advised married couples to follow God’s word and ensure that they have the consent of their partners before embarking on long or short fasting programmes.

Backing his claim with scriptural provisions, Kwakpovwe said in a statement he signed: “1st Corinthians 7: 3- 5 says, no one in a marital relationship has the right to jump into fasting without the agreement and consent of their partner.

“It has to be an agreement for this to happen. In other words, you have to pet your wife or husband and be in agreement.”

He added: “You can not do a secret fast. Your partner and spouse needs to know and be in agreement. This is what the bible (as revealed via Apostle Paul) says.

“Once your partner says NO, please don’t do it. The bible wants you to discuss with and listen to your partner and in certain cases appeal to them in wisdom.”

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