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Supreme Council of IPGC & CIPG, USA Appoints Amb. Jonathan Ojadah as Acting Global President

The Supreme Council of the International Peace and Governance Council (IPGC), Atlanta, USA and the Chartered Institute of Peace and Governance (CIPG), Texas, USA has confirmed the appointment of His Excellency, Amb. (Dr) Jonathan Ojadah in acting capacity as Global President of both organizations (IPGC & CIPG), USA. In a Press Release by Amb. Lorna Williams, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council, stated that H.E Jonathan Ojadah has shown tremendous commitment towards the upliftment of the organization which has earned him the nomination by 2/3 members of the Supreme Council in fulfillment of the organization's requirement in the Constitution.

Since the organization's existence, there has been slow progress in terms of project implementations until Amb. Jonathan Daniel came on board in 2021 as Head Of Mission for Africa which has recorded many achievements of the organization including partnerships with various Governments in Africa where he operates as Head Of Mission/Director General, UNIPGC Africa.

The Secretary General, Amb. Lorna Williams also stated that "It is quite impressive that Amb. Jonathan Ojadah who is a Nigerian Citizen, Peace Diplomat, International Business Development Expert and Investment Promotion Consultant is the first African and youngest Diplomat to head the Supreme Council since the organization's existence in 2002


IPGC's mission is to develop Programmes that will contribute to the promotion of sustainable peace and good governance globally.


IPGC is a registered International civil society organization in USA with Continental chapters and

representations in Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa. IPGC is in partnership and active working relationship with various United Nations Associations including the African Union (AU ECOSSOC). IPGC is also registered with the "UNITED NATIONS Department Of WIPO-WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION.

IPGC is endowed with seasoned Professionals, scholars and in collaboration with reputable institutions world-wide to handle Civil and ethnic conflicts, inter-state wars, terrorism, Poverty eradication, negative impacts of economic globalization, human rights abuses, and the problems experienced by transitional and democratizing societies which portrays a challenging list of problems that confront us today.

PGC aims to bring together a wide range of civil society organizations, from the international to the local level to consolidate and strengthen efforts of organizations and individuals around the world, while maintaining disputes between nations, groups and organizations

IPGC works with groups from a variety of backgrounds, including youth, women, labour, educational, environmental, human rights, religious and professional bodies to support non-

violent conflict resolution and works toward a culture of peace. IPGC is open for membership to NGOs, International Organizations, World Personalities and Governments.


IPGC programmes further aim to support research that produce policy-oriented recommendations for current problems, and identifies longer-term trends and patterns in international politics that hold implications for peace, security and governance.

....Providing trainings, capacity buildings and academic operations including seminars in conflict management, conflict resolution and peace education through her sister Institution, Chartered Institute Of Peace and Governance (CIPG), Texas, USA

......Organizing regular Workshops for certification on conflict management in public policies;

certification as a negotiator and mediator; certification of training for trainers in conflict

management and alternative Dispute Resolution Processes.

....Advisory roles or in consultation, counselling, and mediation to manage and resolve conflicts by peaceful means at the local, regional, and national levels.

.... Promoting the establishment of peacebuilding networks at both the national and international levels, aimed at supporting long-lasting peaceful democratic progress.

.... Providing Assistance in development of democratic institutions, processes.

.... Monitoring Elections and Referenda.

.... Organizing seminars and conferences on international issues of human rights violations, peace, democracy, education, health, child labour, and women's development.

...Organizing Award programs to reward those, who are working for mankind in their various fields of life.

IPGC hopes to spread her offices accross the continent and has its presence in the following countries.

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