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Group drums support for Atiku, to deliver over 2 million votes


By Ezra Ukanwa, Abuja. 

AHEAD of the February 25 presidential election, the National Leader of Atiku 100%, Mr. Musa Mantu, has promised to deliver 2.5 million votes to the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, as part of its support for the party. 

Citing the 2019 general elections, he said that the group with its personal resources was able to deliver over 700,000 votes for Atiku Abubakar, and would do even more come February 25.

Drumming his support for Atiku, Mantu further stated that the PDP presidential candidate is well experienced, too cerebral, enterprising to lead the country to Uhuru. 

Mantu made this announcement at a national youth press conference, on Tuesday, in Abuja. 

He said: "Atiku Abubakar will not only bring stability and prosperity but will also bring sustainable growth so we can usher in the fabrication of a new generation of political, business and economic leaders, manufacturing opportunities, build new enterprises, provide social Infrastructures, mentor new entrepreneurs and strengthen the small and medium scale enterprises which is the bedrock of any serious and successful country.

“These are some of the key factors and reasons why ATIKU and Okowa need to be voted into power NOW. It is too late to fail, the success of Nigerians is non negotiable, the Nigerian Dream must be realized, whether is a kid from Zamfara, Anambra or a kid from Oyo, that kid has a right to a decent life and an opportunity to actualize his or her dreams.

“We have suffered way too much, this issue of Japa is way too popular at the moment, the exportation and exploitation of our vibrant professionals and talents abroad is killing us softly, be it doctors, engineers, skilled and unskilled laborers, journalists, educators

Enough is Enough.

“This is a clarion call to the all the youths, the largest voting constituency in Nigeria today and the good People of Nigeria to vote for ATIKU ABUBAKAR GCON as President to recover Nigeria, the only Unifier, the rescuer, the liberator, the nationalist and the most detribalized and most experienced candidate who knows the way, can relate and can enter all 36 states, 774 LGA’s, over 9,400 wards, 177,000 polling units in this country and he will be accepted, largely acknowledged and probably has touched a life or two there regardless of tribe, religion, creed or ethnicity.

"A man who understands the meaning of tax breaks and incentives that will give advantage to businesses, open and create the conducive environment for local and foreign direct investments to stream into the economy, thereby boosting Nigerian Business portfolios internationally, which will then create massive wealth, jobs and employment for millions of Nigerians.

“The mantra for an effective and inclusive government led by H.E ATIKU and Governor IFEANYI Okowa will be decided on Saturday 25th February."

Mantu, while reeling out some of the achievements of Atiku, said: "Recall that it was During the time of OBASANJO AND ATIKU who today are classified as heroes of democracy among others that ratified, secured and cemented uninterrupted Democracy, rule of law and put an end to military rule in Nigeria after so many years.

“From 1999 to 2007. His Excellency ATIKU ABUBAKAR was constitutionally saddled with the responsibility of Heading the Economy by virtue of his office as the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“It was then that the Restoration of Economic Hope and Prosperity began, The Banking Revolution that gave the Nigerian Financial system international ratings and credibility occurred, The Digital Revolution which brought about seamless transition from analog to digital networks, mobile phones and devices as well as the subsequent introduction and accessibility to Internet connectivity in Nigeria.

“Similarly, It was during his time that EFCC, ICPC and other anti graft and corruption agencies were established and entrenched into the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria", he added. 

He, however, called on Nigerians not to mortgage their future into the wrong hands, adding that Nigerians must shun any form of violence during and after the polls. 

On his part, the founder, Atiku 100%, Mr Kazeem Tanimum, stressed that the 2023 general elections will be a historic opportunity for Nigeria to get it right in its quest for good leadership, especially at the national level.

MEANWHILE, the National Women Leader and spokesperson, Atiku 100%, Sharon Asebe, called on women across the country to come out en masse to vote for Atiku, adding that with Atiku, the future of women is assured.

The event was also graced by the Director, Public Relations and Youth Mobilization, Alexander Ajagbonna and other executives.


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